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Lisbon is on the coast and where there is sea you will find surfers trying to tame it. Break out the flip flops and board wax and hit the beach.
Royalty Chauffeurs
Providing seemingly endless views of the city and further, Eleven is not a dining experience to be missed. Fantastic fusions of food and charming service make this a popular choice.
Classic Indian womenswear...
Calouste Gulbenkian
Situated further out of the city centre, this cultural spot is recognised as one of Lisbon's most significant. Host to its own orchestra, the Gulbenkian is also a well used premises by international orchestras.
Vila Gale Opera
One man's fantasy is another man's nightmare; whether the Opera will appeal to you depends on personal taste, but the musical theme is central to this unique hotel.
Although not traditionally seen in Lisbon, this Japanese restaurant is extremely successful for its authentic traditional dishes. Because its location, it's a great option for those craving something a little different.
Holmes Place
Part of the UK fitness chain, Holmes Place is considered one of the more exclusive clubs in Lisbon.
Sporting Club de Portugal
The traditional rivals to Benfica, this is the home of Sporting Lisbon who have recently been seeing some success.
Though cheap it most certainly does not serve sub-standard piri-piri chicken - refreshingly raucous...
Mae de Agua
This 'aqueduct of free waters' falls within what are known as the middle-class districts. Pleasantly peaceful surroundings can be found around in the Jardim das Amoreiras.
1 de Maio
1 de Maio is located in the busy tourist district, where there are a plethora of bars to maintain your high spirits after having dinner in this vibrant restaurant...
Home of the annual Portuguese Paintball Open, Megacampo styles itself as the best paintball centre on the peninsula.
Estado Liquido
Successful with a comfortably hip young crowd and maintaining the style of the retro bar below it, this sushi place acknowledges a gentle fusion of Japanese culture in its decor.
Albergaria Senhora
This hilltop pensão, with its deliciously tacky formica floors and pine veneer panels, opened in 1969 and little has changed since. It offers spectacular views of the Tejo.
Castelo de Sao Jorge
This hilltop fortification predates the Romans, who occupied it at one point. It features as an important institution for Lisboetas as well as a popular hike for tourists.
Viagem de Sabores
The Romanesque Se Cathedral provides a focal point for the city, and also a theme for this inspired eatery, which has a significantly larger choice of international cuisines than most restaurants.
Containing species of sea life from the Antarctic, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, this aquarium is popular with families. Although more remote, it is sandwiched between two other cultural hotspots.
Santo Antonio
Sporting a fairly cosmopolitan layout with long wooden tables, the bar encourages an atmosphere of mingling, friendly strangers - helped by the fact that the cuisine on offer is tapas.
Royale Cafe
French by name, Scandinavian by design and serving Mediterranean cuisine, Royale Cafe is a charming blend of international influences.
Nariz do Vinho Tinto
Loyal to the traditional values of a good restaurant, the effort in this establishment goes solely on the cooking. Though missing a vibrant atmosphere, it still provides a pleasant dining experience.
Quinta Nova da Conceicao
Although a little remote from Lisbon's central social life, this former residence of the Count offers a unique experience unlike any hotel.
Colares Velho
Fine fusion Portugese and European cuisine in an old rustic house in the country surrounded by shady courtyards and palms. Try their delicious homemade wine.
Chiado neighbours the Baixa area of Lisbon, and provides the city centre with entertainment in its district of theatres, cafes and fashion boutiques...
Hotel Veneza
The Veneza should be one of those hotels, slightly faded around the edges but packed full of a bygone era charm. Somehow it's not - refurbs have left it lacking. For sleeping only.
Madres de Goa
This is an ideal spot to rest and have a quiet refreshment, day or night. Its late opening hours, and the fact that it caters for all moods and needs, mean there is little need to stray far.
Costa do Castelo Bar das Imagens
This curious bar provides a fantastic stopping point on the hike up to the infamous Castelo de Sao Jorge. Time your day so you can enjoy a glass of wine on the veranda.
Heritage Avenida Libertade
This Hotel has not abandoned its heritage, with the old apothecary accessories still adorning the walls in the lobby, but once one reaches the rooms things get decidedly more modern...
Pinoquio offers a large and varied selection, both in price and quality, of cuisine and alcohol. The location is perhaps one of the greater attributes; within walking distance of the main city squares.
Le Meridien Park Atlantic
The Le Meridien is a stylish addition to Lisbon's hotel scene, as one of the more upmarket hotels within Sheraton's Starwood group.
Can The Can
Lisbon restaurant Can The Can takes the unique approach of ‘Canned Food Goes Gourmet’.
Fragil originally attracted a gay crowd and put Bairro Alto on the party map. Today, it is making moves in new directions, though its glory days are sadly over.
O'Gilins claims a monopoly on providing traditional Irish service. With real pints (almost unheard of in Lisbon), friendly service (an understatement) and late opening hours, it is perpetually buzzing.
Pasteis de Cerveja
Located in a rather remote part of the city, this café is generally popular with tourists. The only place that sells a unique sweet pastry made with beer and sweet almond paste.
Situated on the Rua de Sao Bento, the Galeria Restaurant provides a perfect antidote for a sophisticated crowd who desire something different. Don't expect your average Italian fare...
Hotel Metropole
With a location above one of Lisbon's favourite cafes and looking over one of its prettiest and liveliest squares, the Metropole is in prime position.
Blue Heaven
Cinco Lounge
Cinco Lounge is a welcome addition to the already vibrant Baixa-Bairro Alto area. This glossy cocktail bar is an example of Lisbon's increasingly cosmopolitan reputation.
Esplanada do Adamastor
Located a little further out of the principle tourist area, this boho cafe is popular with travellers and students, who are fond of its down-to-earth decor and vibrant atmosphere...
Senhor Vinho
With the highest prices of any of Lisbon's fado houses and a wealthy crowd to match, this infamous establishment is owned by the world-famous singer, Maria Da Fe...

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