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A high-end club found within the luxe Sturecompagniet in Stockholm, 309 is all about RnB, with some playful 80s tracks and mash-ups for good measure.
The White Room
Whilst the White Room might look more like a restaurant than a club don't be deceived - the party really kicks off at about 3am. Located just a short walk from the Stureplan and Birger Jarlsgatan try East for dinner and drinks beforehand.
Solidaritet was brought to the Stockholm nightlife scene by the expert party people behind other popular ventures such as Halv Trappa Plus Gard.
Och Himlen Därtill
Stockholm is also known as 'the Venice of the north', spread out across islands, surrounded by water; it's stunning, so get up high, pour yourself a drink, and take a look around...
Allmänna Galleriet 925
The spacious venue means that there is always a lot going on in this bar, while its round-about, slightly hidden location means that it only pulls in the more selective crowds, who come to see exhibitions, listen to live music, or have a little somet
Spy Bar
At night, this area buzzes with frenetic activity and the streets are lit with the neon light emanating from cinemas and bars. Principally a fabulous shopping district, Norrmalm lack the exclusivity of Ostermalm, however provides some truly fabulous
Considering Stockholm is such a watery city, having a club on a boat seems the logical thing to do. On weekends in summer when the days are longer and lighter, you could stumble along after the other bars and clubs close and have a very early morning
There's always something a little special about hidden clubs, something underground and a little off the radar. Upstairs at Sturehof is O Baren, a club dedicated more to the music policy than it is to the punter's shopping policies. Entering though t
Sodermalm is known as the 'alternative' part of Stockholm: enjoy being out-of-the-ordinary, and not judged on where you drink or what you wear. The focus here is on originality and uniqueness, of which this music club has plenty...
Marie Laveau
The size of Marie Laveau means that it always gathers a proper crowd, creating a sense of buzz and excitement. Even the laid-back, cool Stockholmers, when gathered in full force can suddenly appear hugely bubbly.
Hell’s Kitchen
Stockholm's nightlife splits from the super-glam clubs of Ostermalm where its about seeing and being seen, to clubs like Hell's Kitchen where the music is the most important thing on the menu and the patrons know how to party the night away without c
F12 Terrassen
Stockholm specializes in these wonderful places that manage to combine excellent restaurants, bars, and clubs all in the same place, with a rare level of all-round sophistication and style...
Debaser has a laid-back, yet musically knowledgeable crowd and line-up. The place of the moment for established acts and up and coming future stars...
Cafe Opera
Stockholm's terribly imposing Opera House, as many opera houses tend to be, sits majestically across from the Royal Palace. The oh so opulent interior is fit for a king, and indeed this is the haunt du jour for the younger members of the Royal family
Situated in one of Stockholm's hippest hotels, 2.35:1 is a weekend melee of beauty, alcohol and commercial house music. Downstairs is the minimal and achingly cool LE, supposedly members-only, and in the next room is the terribly sophisticated and ci
Soap Bar
Grab a seat in the window for excellent people watching: You can see the theatre crowd heading to nearby Dramaten. A good choice if you want to avoid the high-fashion crowds of nearby Grev Turegatan.
A perfect example of modern Swedish style. It does what it does with a confidence and flair, and of course attracts a particularly well-dressed and style-conscious clientele. The open garden makes it particularly popular in the summer.
A core part of the East Asian culture is based on simplicity and the hard chairs and floor seating provide the pure and proper way to eat the typical food.

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