Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Edgy and stylish boutique for the hipster crowd.
Everyone stays late at the office in Tokyo, so join the fashionable crowd at Office and tip back a few cocktails next the photocopier.
Mingeikan Folk Crafts Museum
Go back to the origins of modern design at this museum dedicated to the Japanese folk craft movement.
A family-run experience, feast on 'okonmiyaki' in a traditional setting...
Oriental Bazaar
Cheap and cheerful souvenirs.
With everything from books to newspapers, this is the perfect place to pick up a good read.
Ruby Room
Low-key music venue that hosts open-mic nights and acclaimed rock acts.
A trendy clientele flock to House for their comforting fare.
Yodobashi Camera
Gadgets galore. It is Tokyo, after all.
This place is sure to set your senses a quiver - delectable treats in equally beautiful wrappings.
Center for Cosmic Wonder
We can't predict what you'll find at this concept-space but it's definitely worth checking out.
Ryokan Andon
A sleek industrial take on the traditional 'ryokan' inn.
Tokyo Golf Club
We've found two exclusive golfing locations, but make sure you find a member - you'll definitely need an invitation to partake in the fun at this course.
Japan Sword
Harbouring secret samurai aspirations?
Hibiya Park
 A stone's throw from the Imperial Palace, this park is perfect for tennis lovers and those looking for a quiet stroll in stunning surroundings.
Le Baron de Paris
Come dressed to impress at the Tokyo counterpart of the legendary Paris club.
Cerulean Tower
For the business traveler looking for a good helping of luxury and an incredible view.
This traditional boutique inn is a charming alternative to extravagant skyscrapers.
Liquid Room
The best place to catch an intimste live gig...
Sushi Nakamura
Before embracing Roppongi‰Ûªs notorious nightlife, any Tokyoite would advise you to line your stomach. What better way than with traditional sushi?
And A
A funky shop with everything under one roof.
Seat Mania
There's a big choice of seats to relax in here, a place where the four-legged furniture is king.
An old-school Western style drinking den.
Top quality bags and leather.
Tokyo Wonder Site
An edgy art space that spills over into this modern cafe
Where the celebrities go for the essential karaoke experience.
La Foret Harajuku
A must-visit for any young fashionista.
Trendy Tokyo designs.
Issey Miyake
This fashion designer never fails to impress.
Something out of the ordinary: specialty clothes from Finland.
Bic Camera
With its music blarring and its gadgets whirring, this is the place to be if you're after the latest electronic goods.
Via Bus Stop
Dozens of fashion labels under one roof.
Loveless Daikanyama
Cutting-edge fashion treats.
This shop is full of all things strange and wonderful.
Margaret Howell Lifestyle Shop
Ideal for both shopping and a tea break.
Max out your credit card at this chic bar just down the street from Prada.
Hatago International
A temple to air travel.
Marks & Webb
These organic treats are a must-have when in need of a relaxing bath.
Earth, Music & Ecology
Fashionable organic clothing for women made with eco-friendly materials.

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