So, you’ve got your holiday to the mountains all booked up and you’re excited to be hitting the slopes. But, and here’s the crucial question: what are you going to wear? Luckily, Hg2 not only has guides to the fun stuff to do in resort, we can also help you out with packing too. So get your credit card ready to roll and read on.


First and foremost you need to look cool in your jacket and salopettes. No, you need to be warm and completely dry. Splendidly, Frencys allows you to do both, which is why professional ski teams around the world use their services for their kits. Not only will you be wrapped up in their fully waterproofed, breathable Gore-Tex fabric, all of their jackets, pants and shell styles are fully customisable, so you can match or clash with your skis and accessories. Choose your style and fit, design your kit colours online and you’ll be contacted to arrange production of a completely unique outfit.

Check out homegrown brand Zaini’s hats for clothing colour inspiration. Their bright, bold, fleece lined beanies are toasty warm and they stay snugly on your head through any adventure, whether that’s lounging on the terraces in St Moritz or playing in the powder of Zermatt.

As well as a warm head, make sure your digits are well shod with Level’s hard wearing, waterproof and totally toasty leather gloves. Having your fingers together lets them keep each other warm, so mitts are the way forward for extended riding times.


The newest addition to the already hip Skull Candy brand are these Edit Aviators, and just like the Frency’s clothing, they can be fully colour customised. Not only do they go with all your gear, they’re also a top of the range audio system, giving a full-on ski soundtrack experience.

For something more slimline, these Skull Candy ear phones deliver amazing sound quality and, brilliantly, no sound around you, thanks to their rubbery ear buds. So they’re perfect for the quiet chair lifts of Monte Rosa or the Tube. Sadly, if electronics get cold on the mountain, battery life deteriorates, but you can keep yours powered up with a cosy hoody cover.


There are few places where you won’t find the majority of riders wearing helmets these days and if you’re hitting the off piste somewhere like La Grave, you’d be a fool to leave home without one. Poc’s intensive safety research means their head buckets are some of the best in the business. They’ve also sensibly reckoned that a true hedonist doesn’t just ski or board; they surf and cycle too, so their unique Receptor plus helmet is certified for all three environments.

After you’ve bagged yourself the first chair, you’ll need to keep fuelled over the day, and a delicious Sesh bar hits the spot. These addictively yummy treats have fast acting sugars as well as protein packed peanuts, vitamins and guarana to give a kick and, cunningly, don’t freeze up in icy weather. Remind yourself they’re over 300 calories each before you tuck into your second. Or third.

Serious skiers know that a multi-tasking kit makes for a lighter pack, and a smoother ride, so Wipeout’s goggle cleaning piste maps are a sure bet to feature in our packs. They won’t get wet, blow away, litter the piste or crinkle beyond recognition and they’ll wipe the snow off your lenses; smart.

Handily, they’re available for most of the Hg2 ski resorts, including ChamonixVerbierMegeveVal d’IsereTignes and Courchevel.

Also doing double duties are these cool new Swomo watches. Not only are they fresh design classics, with easy to read faces; buying these watches helps to send children to school in Sierra Leone and helps you to know whether it’s happy hour at the bar. Sweet.


Speaking of après, Pull In is a French surf brand whose pants will take you in style from the slopes to…wherever you end up. We particularly like this on trend owl design, made to be utterly comfortable and a little bit cheeky, just like their boy boxer range. Go on, see if yours match that cute park rat’s…

What’s your favourite bit of our 2012/13 kit? Tell us what you can’t head up the mountain without in the comments section below.