Le Gray, owned by hotelier-of-the-moment Gordon Campbell Gray (read our full interview with him here), is arguably the sleekest stay in Beirut. Located in Downtown and opened in 2009, the hotel boasts enviable views over both the Mediterranean and Mount Lebanon and comprises no less than 87 extremely well-appointed rooms and suites in which to hunker down in suitably hedonistic fashion. There’s a rooftop pool and grill restaurant, as well as a 360-degree wraparound bar for soaking up the surrounding cityscape; but be careful, the potent cocktails will have you veering dangerously close to the edge. And as you’d expect from the man who brought us London‘s much-loved One Aldwych, the aesthetic here is awe-inspiring stuff; the exterior is all traditional yellow stone, while inside it’s all about starkly modern fixtures and fittings. A large-scale, tangible celebration of the city’s increasing prominence as a tourist destination, Le Gray hotel is just what Beirut – and its ever-fashionable visitors – needed.
SITE: campbellgrayhotels.com
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