At first glance, Orlebar Brown‘s swimshorts are scary. They’re significantly smaller than what us chaps are used to. Boasting a refined, more streamlined look than that of the early noughties, they’re bang-on trend with discerning gentlemen everywhere opting for more tailored shorts instead of the baggy, unflattering board shorts of yesteryear. Call it the rise of the metrosexual, where skin is in and flashing a little leg ain’t just for the ladies. The man behind the British brand is Adam Brown, who founded Orelebar Brown in 2007 after holidaying in India. According to Adam, all the women looked great but the men were wearing swimwear that was either too small or too big; his shorts are somewhere in between – sexy, yet perfectly sized. To coincide with the launch of our latest guide to London, Hg2 asked London-based Adam what his favourite haunts in the city are, and he came back with some suitably hedonistic hangouts.

Adam Brown’s London
1. ShopPresent, 140 Shoreditch High Street, E1 – Gobsmacked as to where this shop came from, but don’t get me started on how much I spend here – utility-style brands mixed with a coffee bar and cire troudon candles – what more could you want?
2. EatTom’s Kitchen, 27 Cale Street, SW3 – For brunch on Sunday – nothing can beat the atmosphere and the food. Tom is the king of the kitchen in my eyes.
3. DrinkAqua, 5th Floor, 250 Regent Street, W1B – For the best Appletini on the planet, followed by Spanish meats on a platter – good for the diet and truly sexy.
4. Snack Melrose & Morgan, 41 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 – Park in the middle of Regent’s Park and walk through the green and along the canal past the zoo until you get to Melrose & Morgan in Gloucester Avenue for a sausage baguette and coffee – it’s an institution.
5. Shop – If you go to Selfridges at pretty much any time of the day or night there will be stuff going on. If I’m ever bored and in need of a bit of retail therapy I pitch up and have a wonder – it’s always an experience. I usually end up at the Orlebar Brown shop on the first floor and fold the shorts properly and make sure everything is looking spick and span because I’m a control freak.
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