What music defines a great weekend in London? On Friday, we started asking that question here in the Hg2 offices and it proved a very popular (and impassioned) discussion. So we’re on a mission to find out – just what is the perfect London playlist?

But we need your help. We’re calling on all of our readers to come join us on Spotify to crowdsource the most EPIC London Playlist EVER. We want each of our fans to contribute one or a small handful of songs to the playlist. Spotify allows up to 10,000 songs per playlist, and while we doubt there are that many great songs to define London, we want to get as many as possible.

The ‘Hg2 – Best Weekend in London Fanlist’ is a collaborative playlist, which means that anyone can add or delete songs as they feel. It’s the Wiki of great playlists, so if you cannot abide that One Direction track someone added, it’s up to you to change things.

We also hope you’ll honour the spirit of the list by only choosing a few songs and mixing it up – don’t just add a whole album unless you have a really good reason for it being there.

[spotify id=”spotify:user:nickclarke44:playlist:2CboOzXZfqUDpp67ugHXON” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]

How to use Spotify
collaborative playlist

-Login to your Spotify account or start a new one using your Facebook login (you’ll need to download the Spotify software if you don’t have it!).

-Open the ‘Hg2 – Best Weekend in London Fanlist’.

-Hit the ‘Subscribe’ button at the top centre (just under ‘Hedonist Guides’).

-Add tracks to the playlist by searching for a song and either a) dragging and dropping it into the playlist in the lefthand pane or b) right click and “Add To…” the playlist.

Please share our collaborative playlist with all of your friends on Facebook and Twitter – let’s get as many people involved as possible to make this the London playlist to end all London playlists.