You might simply want to know, ‘when is Chinese New Year 2012’. Which we can answer quite happily – it’s this Monday (January 23rd, 2012).

But, as the hedonistic, travel-hungry thrill seekers that we are, we thought we’d tempt you with a few key recommendations about where the Chinese New Year celebrations are taking place around the World.

Most shenanigans kick off the weekend following, so you’ve plenty of party time planning. And whilst you might not be booking your flights just yet, a little imaginative ‘window shopping’ travel is always fun. So take in Sydney, Dubai, Paris and Beijing and enjoy our pleasure-led picks about where to ring in the Year of the Water Dragon. Or any other time for that matter – our Hg2 city guides (compiled by writers who have lived in each city) have all the best bits for any destination…


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Traditionally revolving around the Miao Hui, Beijing’s Chinese New Year features colourful fairs on the grounds of Buddhist and Taoist temples. Dragon dances, acrobatics, giant lantern displays and lots of great food can be expected. Try Ditan Park near the Tibetan Lama Temple in the north of the city.

Then head down to Lantern Bar for late-night sessions!

Lantern Bar, Beijing


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Seen by some as a celebratory nod to Dubai’s growing Chinese community, this Middle Eastern hotspot will be illuminating the sail of its world famous Burj Al Arab (you know that sail-like building?) with a red dragon. As well as the obligatory music performances, dragon dances and Chinese-themed feasts.

The sumptuous selection of Jumeirah sites (home to the Burj Al Arab) are your best bet for luxurious listings.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai


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You can always rely on the Australians for a good party. They’ve got two whole weeks of Chinese celebrations on the calendar in Sydney. Events kicked off on January 20th in Belmore Park, will see a ‘Twilight Parade’ on January 29th and end with dragon boat races on February 5th. Bruce Lee tributes, cooking classes, karaoke, tai chi classes on the beach and much more are also on the cards.

For a more luxurious culinary celebration, we recommend China Doll, before heading down to the street-style revelry.

China Doll restaurant, Sydney


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A little known fact about Paris is that its Chinatown is the largest in Europe – store that in your quiz night brain box. So Chinese celebrations are mandatory. Its thriving French-Chinese community come together in ‘Quartier Chinois’ for dances, music and dragons. There’s usually live theatre and film screenings thrown in too.

Head to Le China for cocktail-led celebrations and a restaurant that serves Asian fusion of the highest order.

Le China, Paris