This month, the SAKS Gallery in Geneva, which is known for representing the more challenging and avant-guarde exhibitions, will be home to the contemporary artist, Chris Succo. Entitled ‘The Soft Machine’, it will be the first solo exhibition that the artist has undertaken in Switzerland – and we for one are looking forward to it… We’re no real contemporary art experts, but Chris’ work, which includes sculpture, photography and painting, is the kind of thing you could have in your house, on your wall – and it would look good.

Chris, who was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, has exhibited all over the world, and he took a break from the paintbrushes to educate us about art, his love of hotels, and his second home, London.

Chris Succo

Chris Succo

So, Chris, first of all, how would you describe yourself as an artist? What is it that you aim to convey with your work? 

I work with different materials and processes and each one has its own terms. It’s about getting beyond their boundaries or limitations and to use them for your own purpose. It’s problem solving. It’s rather how to paint than what to paint.

And what are your artistic influences? 

Of course music, literature and movies, but also mistakes and coincidence. One work leads to another, like a storyline. When working on a new series or exhibition I keep selected books or other things around that underline how I wanted to approach the new works, like a kind of attitude-reference. I also take a lot of photographs in the studio which are a helpful tool.

Installation View, Cologne 2012

You studied at the Royal College of Art in London – what is it that you love about the city and are there any exhibitions on at the moment that you’re excited to see?

We have family in London and it always felt like a second home. I like Soho, Borough Market and, of course, the pubs.. With regard to the exhibitions, unfortunately I don’t get to go to much at the moment but I’d check out the current Richard Prince show at Sadie Coles.

Is there anywhere in the world that inspires you most of all? Out of all the places you’ve lived or exhibited, where is your favourite?

Los Angeles is among the favourites for sure but, to be honest, I like being in transit and staying in hotels a lot.

Installation View, Cologne 2012

Installation View, Cologne 2012

Any upcoming exhibitions that we should look out for? What’s on the horizon for you at the moment?

I’ve got a solo show at SAKS Gallery in Geneva which is opening in March, then Nada New York with DUVE Berlin in May, a group show at Jeanroch Dard (now La Belle Gallerie) in Paris in June and then a solo show at Rod Barton Gallery London in September…

‘The Soft Machine’ by Chris Succo at the SAKS Gallery opens on 14th March until 27th April 2013.