Guy Gerber has always bucked with tradition. Born and raised just outside of Tel Aviv, Guy has, in many ways, reinvented DJing. Drawing from the influences of his favourite indie groups like Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine, Guy brought ‘shoegaze’ to DJing in a very unique style that has seen him man the tables in some of the hottest clubs, from his hometown to Ibiza and Detroit.

On his newest release, Steady EP, Guy collaborates with dOP frontman Jaw, London-based producer Midland and Clarian North of Footprintz. We sat down for a quick Q&A with Guy to find out the Israeli DJ’s favourite Tel Aviv hotspots.

Favourite club to play

The Block – best sound system and a music lover’s crowd.

Favourite club to party in  

Cat And Dog works every night – sleazy and quirky but has the hottest girls in town.

Favourite place to start the evening

Sheseq Bar – the best music you will hear and and a cool intellectual crowd that knows what’s up.

Best spot for lunch

Halev Harahav (‘the wide heart’) in Kerem Hateimanim. Probably my favourite restaurant in the world. Basically meat on skewers and amazing fresh hummus. When I land in Israel, I go there directly from the plane.

Where to eat a post-clubbing 5am snack

Itzik and Ruti Sandwiches (they open at 5 and close at 11 after everything is finished) in Shienkin or Brasserie in Kikar Rabin, a stylish French kitchen that’s one of the best resturants in the city – luckily, it’s open 24 hours.

Best bar for a chilled night out

Hotel Montifiori. It’s not 100 percent chilled but it’s one of the only really stylish places in town.

Best scenic spot for a post-party rendezvous

There’s the best hummus restaurant in the world that is in the middle of the market. It’s called Sury (the Syrian – also HaSuri) and it has the most interesting characters for people-watching at this time. Or just visit the marina and have a coffee in between the boats and gaze at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Best place to watch the sun rise

Old Jaffa. Go to the highest spot between the walls and you can watch the sun coming up in the middle of the sea the same way Napoleon used to when he conquered the city at the end of the 17th century.

Favourite place for some quiet, afternoon down time

Manta Ray – it’s at Alma beach and has a great sea food restaurant just by the sea shore

Best shop to pick up some party duds

Probably in one of the boutiques in Neve Tzedeck

Favourite breakfast cafe/restaurant

Espresso bar on Rothschild Boulevard.

Best cultural outing

Go see a show by the Bat Sheva Dance Company at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Neve Tzedek or go hang out at Tel Aviv’s Cinematheque, which shows mainly cult movies and has a nice square with pretty girls with glasses reading books. Better to arrive with your bicycle.

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