It’s a little more than a week until the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations overtake London and that delicious extra-long weekend is upon us. And with all these sunny days, you’re no doubt feeling the itch to get away. If you haven’t made your travel plans by now, chances are you’re either attempting to brave the madness here in London for a fleeting glimpse of the Thames flotilla or you’re feeling a bit stuck for where to go and what to do, exactly.

Fear not! Hg2 to the rescue. We’ve rounded up some easy last minute Diamond Jubilee getaway ideas that you can still book last-minute.

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Istanbul is the type of city that still isn’t quite on the world radar. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its fair share of tourists, because it does, but it’s also the kind of city where you can still book hotels last-minute. Plus, the myriad wonderful outdoor pavement cafes are perfect for this lovely early summer weather, and once you see the sunset across the Bosphorus, you’ll forget you ever left the Thames behind.
STAY: Bebek Hotel
EAT: Doga Balik
PARTY: Sapphire Bosphorus


There’s never a bad time to visit Berlin. It’s just the kind of city where all your cares immediately fly out the window once you’re sat in front of a deliciously international gastro-meal or a sunshine currywurst. Not to mention the all-night parties that range from down home house to upmarket electronica. And it’s such a short and easy flight (or, indeed, train!) from the UK that you’d be foolish not to give this escape a go.
STAY: The Honigmond
EAT: Remake
PARTY: Prince Charles Bar


What, you say? Toronto? But that’s long-haul! Come on, hedonists, we retort. Where’s your sense of…hedonism? After a quick overnight flight (it’s only 7 hours after all), you’re in one of the coolest cities in North America, hands down. Toronto’s got restaurants. It’s got hotels. Great culture. Diversity. Beaches. Shopping. Sunshine. And the nightlife – oh the nightlife! It’s also not super high on the city-break radar, so you shouldn’t have much trouble coming up with bookings.
STAY: The Thompson
EAT: The Black Hoof
PARTY: Muzik


Ah, Prague. The old standby. You can always rely on Prague for a great weekend away. For one thing, it has a completely saturated hotel market, meaning you’ll always find a room and it will almost always be cheaper than it should be. It also has all the makings of a really wonderfully messy weekend away – old school smoky nightclubs, hangover-curing architectural wonder and beer. Lots of beer.
STAY: 987
EAT: Sasazu
PARTY: Lucerna Music Bar


You think of Tallinn as being a wintery place to go. Somewhere for when snow is falling softly on the Old Town. It’s actually better in summer. For one thing, it’s not dark most of the day and you can actually see the beautiful buildings that make the Estonian capital so charming. In summer, Tallinn morphs into a warm paradise of pavement cafes bordered by colourfully stoic old buildings that come to life in the sun. It’s also super close and super easy for a quick and unplanned getaway.
STAY: St. Petersbourg

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