Hg2 have shown you where the best ice-cream parlours are in the world are. Now it’s time for a story on the perfect complement to the cold stuff.

Bompas & Parr are one of the world’s wackiest luxury jelly makers and some of their most famous projects include:
•     flooding a Grade I listed building with 4 tonnes of alcoholic punch that visitors boated across before drinking
•    creating a Buckingham Palace jelly mould for Selfridges to celebrate the Royal Wedding
•    inventing giant glow-in-the-dark jelly installations
•    creating a breathable cloud of gin and tonic
•    building a Willy Wonka-style chocolate waterfall.

Bompas & Parr created the Buckingham Palace jelly mould.

The food experience experts have collaborated with such luminaries as Lord Foster and celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal over the years.

A selection of Bompas and Parr creations.

Jelly monger Sam Bompas will introduce the fantastical world of Bompas & Parr at The Mount Street Deli in Central London.

Find out what Bompas & Parr do, how they do it and taste some of their jelly creations. Tickets are £10

To book, call 020 7499 6843 or check out the The Mount Street Deli’s website.

The Mount Street Deli, 100 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TG.

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