We’re starting a new series here on Hg2, as we expand our blog and have become increasingly more addicted to Twitter and Pinterest. Because of this, we’ve had the chance to get to know some pretty cool bloggers from all over the world – people who are passionate about everything from travel to fashion to art – and we’d like you to meet them, too! To that end, welcome to our latest series, ‘Meet the Blogger’, where we’ll be interviewing all sorts of people from around the blogosphere.

Up first is Mrs. O Around the World, a native of Portugal who now makes her home in Henley-on-Thames and blogs about her travels on her site, Mrs. O Around the World.

Mrs O – you’re originally from Lisbon but now you live in Henley with your English husband. What are some of the differences between living in your home country and England?

Oh God, where do I start? I have always been a city girl, having lived in Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona. It was a challenge moving to Henley, a little town in the UK. But a nice one – the countryside is beautiful and I am only 40 minutes away from London. I love it.

The weather is an obvious one – I miss being able to go to the beach every weekend during summer (you know, a season that lasts 3 months?). But nothing stops me from hopping on a plane any time I want.

I used to miss food a lot – but England really upped their game in this arena. All in all, I am delighted to be back in England again (I actually first moved to London when I was 18 to go to university).

How did you get started as a travel blogger? What led you to writing and running your own blog?

It is all your fault, really. I did a few guest posts for you as an Hg2 lover and I wanted to write more and more. I was always the resourceful friend that people came to and ask where to go if they were off to London or NYC, so I always had emails ready to send when someone asked. The web gave me the possibility to share it with a wider audience, which has been lovely.

Does Mrs. O Around the World have a specific destination focus?

I wouldn’t say so. It covers my trips – current and past and I only write about places I have been to and loved. I don’t believe in desktop writer and this is not what my readers would expect from me. I give a bit of TLC to Portugal as I travel often there and there seems to be an interest. I do cover Europe and the US quite a bit, as these are the places I visit the most. I need to explore Asia and Africa – sadly can still count trips to these continents with both hands.

What is your favourite thing about being a travel blogger?

Inspiring people to go somewhere and have a great experience. Travel is all about enjoying the moment, so if I help someone find a fab restaurant that I also loved, I have done my job.

Tell us what some of your favourite cities are and why?

Really difficult. I will always love Barcelona, which is pretty much the perfect European city break, especially now that one can access a decent beach (thank you, W!). But Rio de Janeiro is my city of dreams, there is something about it. And I love California, as in the whole state – I could totally move there!

You write a lot about Spain and Portugal – do you have any secret tips or favourite spots in these two countries?

I write a lot about these places as I always keep going back there. I love the part of Portugal between Lisbon and the Algarve – it is called the Alentejo and it is lovely. Fab small hotels, great food and, of course, one of Portugal’s key winemaking regions. My secret place.

Spain – I really want to go back to Seville as an adult. I hadn’t been to Barcelona for 5 years and went back in April – was very emotional. And guess what, been 4 times ever since. Crazy, I know!

What is the best meal you’ve ever had?

What is wrong with you? I can’t answer that! If I close my eyes, I have memories of lazy beach lunches in Portugal which involve fresh grilled red mullet and salad, grilled prawns and clams. And white wine sangria. I will also never forget a meal at Made in China in Beijing – the best Peking duck ever. But give me some Iberico ham, some gambas and a good glass of red wine and I am pretty much yours.

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