Secrecy has long been a seductive prospect; naughty nights away; the element of surprise – those clandestine affairs (whether sexual or just back handed in its naughtiness), we all like it. And we like it all. Which is why the ‘underground’ seems so appealing. Pop is not cool, never has been (unless you’re talking art and even that’s a little behind these days). It’s all about what’s pulsing under the covers that gets us going.

All hail, then, the mastermind behind mulletover events, Stuart Geddes. Habitually clouded in secrecy, these random gatherings, in warehouses and wilderness alike, have become synonymous with underground revelry. Parties have popped up everywhere from Space in Ibiza to Croatia’s Garden Festival. But it’s the east London warehouse parties that are long awaited.

Spawned from the rave days in the ‘80s, warehouse parties (now evolved from their dirtier big brother squatters as well as the free-party scene) are now carefully curated and promoted by teams who have their fingers tapped into the very veins seeping through the world’s top DJs. Gone are the days when a text would lead to a number and finally – if you were lucky – an address. These planned pleasure pits are provided clean and full of propositions. Not thrown at you from every ghastly scum filled corner. Hedonistic-heights are yours for choosing. Which means that each event has to try even harder to keep that cloak of mystery veiled tight right until the very last minute.

The choice this month (as ever) is mulletover’s January Sale.

Held in one of East London’s as yet unknown dis-used warehouses, the line-up features Geddes’ own techno-thumping self, as well as ‘Hyph Mngo’ famed South Londoner, Joy Orbison. His forward-thinking dubstep debut garnered attention the world over and the more recent Lana del Ray ‘Video Games’ remix has attracted hundreds of thousands of YouTube views as well as BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World title. Add to that the founder of Germany’s signature ‘Cologne Sound’ imprints, Kompakt Records Michael Mayer, and you just know this is the party to bring 2012 in with a bang.

We couldn’t wait to see what drops of juicy goodness Geddes could pour upon us…

Stuart Geddes, the main man behind mulletover


Warehouse parties are big in London but you stand up above the rest with your now legendary mulletover club nights. Why do you think there’s such a call for secrecy when we’ve so many so-called ‘super’ clubs in the capital? 

I don’t think there are so many super clubs in our capital. Or maybe that’s because I’m used to London nightlife and what it has to offer. The only big club in London that has any relevance in my opinion is fabric. Secrecy promotes an underground movement. When we first started mulletover we were the first of our scene to label our parties with a ‘secret location’. Now everyone is trying to do warehouse parties and secret locations are not so secret!

Can you give us a few more insider tips on other obscure places to frequent?

Electric Minds run by my friend Dolan is pretty special. It takes place every month in a photography studio in Shoreditch, with the likes of Move D, Prosumer and Soundstream. It’s for the heads rather than raving with the masses – the loft only holds 300 people and the space adds an ambiance that is well worth checking out. Pop up bars in east London are always fun and exciting, if you can find them or are in the know. Unfortunately I can’t say otherwise that would spoil the fun. The Marksman on Hackney Road does an amazing roast for those that are interested.

What are your most favoured record shops in London?

They’re sadly in decline but Phonica is the most important electronic shop in London, Black Market is still going, which is great – it’s where I first started buying records when I was into drum&bass.

What sort of sounds can people expect from a trip to London and where can they go to find them?

London is the most cosmopolitan city in the world; if you look hard enough you’ll find almost everything in various pockets of the city. Search online and do your research before you come.  Obviously east London is where the creative hub is happening and where most ‘in’ things are happening.

Joy Orbison plays mulletover

Your upcoming night’s been called ‘The Recession Session’ – do you think the economy’s affected the way people party? And if so, how?

Of course the economy affects people and their attitude towards going out. Though times are tough, I think it enhances people’s desires to go out and have a good time and stick two fingers up at the system and politicians who continue to play havoc in our world.

Where do you like to flash the cash in the capital?

I like to spend money on eating out, in particular if you are looking for a recommendation A Little Bit Of What You Fancy is a great restaurant on Kingsland Road.

You’re known to play clubs and festivals abroad – what’s been your most hedonistic memory?

Playing at Glastonbury with my friend Matt two years ago and closing the wow stage. I’ve played at lots of amazing festivals and parties over the years but there’s something about Glastonbury.

What’s your favourite party city? Where do you go and why?

London is my favourite party city because the people and vibe of having a good time is like nowhere else in the world. Apart from London, Berlin is second, for playing records and listening to decent music and being able to party non stop – Panorama bar, Berlin  is one of the only places in Europe that offers that. Of course Robert Johnson in Frankfurt has a special place in my heart.

mulletover January Sale line up

Tickets for this weekend’s mulletover January Sale can be picked up in person from

The Star of Bethnal Green, 359 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6LG. 020 7729 0167

Phonica, 51 Poland Street, W1F 7LZ. 020 7025 6070

Never ones to let the party hangover kick in too long, mulletover have scheduled in an extra little treat this year. Taking their clandestine charades that one step further (whilst in keeping with today’s tastes), a pop up, limited capacity event is planned, with none of the guests announced until the night. We’ll let you know more as and when it’s available.