There are precious few unique jewellery designers from Mumbai, but Bina Goenka is one of them. Artistic and creative, Bina creates bespoke jewellery and accessories pieces individually inspired by the women she caters to. And while her jewellery (and handbags) are undoubtedly lavish – she manages to combine the sparkle and flair of Indian fashion with a more classic, tailored aesthetic that women everywhere can wear. Bina Goenka’s creations are available at her flagship Bina Goenka Showroom, located in Mumbai’s lavish Grand Hyatt.

Based in both Mumbai and London, Bina took the time to chat with Hg2 about what it’s like to design jewellery in Mumbai and her favourite places to go in her home and adopted cities.

Bina, your jewellery always seems so well thought out and detailed! How long does it take you to make each piece, and what are the stages of the design process?

Designing jewellery is an artistic process for me. Each piece that I design is like a miniature work of art. I combine artistic flair with advanced technical expertise in the manufacturing to create unique bespoke pieces and it takes approximately 3-4 months to complete each piece. A few highly specialised pieces take around 6 to months for completion .

The style of your jewellery is so diverse. What inspires your masterpieces?

My inspiration often comes from the beauty of nature and geometrical patterns. The diversity evolves out of the varied personality of the woman that I create for; she has a specific persona and is supremely confident in her skin.  She is a trendsetter. She exudes the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless and classic feel.  Her tastes keep evolving and then the challenge follows; which is to anticipate her next desire and to further raise the bar. My jewellery is as diverse as the multiple facets of this woman.

For you, what makes a piece a classic and timeless?

Each piece of mine is classic and timeless; the jewellery visually speaks to everyone from 16-year-olds to 60-year-olds.  The Bina Goenka brand’s hallmark has been the extent to which each piece is steeped in design detail; therefore our pieces are notably recognised for their intrinsic aesthetic quotient, thereby qualifying as truly timeless and classy. Good design can never date. 

You grew up in Mumbai – how has your upbringing affected your designs?

While growing up, I always had an eye for objects that stood out from the ordinary.  This applied to anything from jewellery to clothes and even to food. However, I constantly noticed a deficit for jewellery that was any different to what was being sold in the shop next door. Secondly, I found that the jewellery that was available was very 2-dimensional, created to quantify gold usage and to complement the Indian garment, as opposed to be a piece of its own. This set me on a path to create something original, beautifully artistic and yet easily wearable. 

Have you always been interested in jewellery design and set on making a career out of this passion?

Initially, having grown up amongst lawyers, I decided to study law. After qualifying as a lawyer, however, I found that I was much more passionate about design and creativity, and realised that I would much prefer a career in jewellery design.

You’re based in both Mumbai and London. Do these cities, or the other travelling you do influence your jewellery designs at all?

Design stems from within…design stems from life experiences and the consequent evolution. Therefore all life experiences have a bearing within the genre of my design. Additionally travel contributes as one of the paramount influences in intensifying strains of creative confluences globally.

What do you like to do in your time off when you come to London? Any favourite restaurants or places to go out?

When I’m in London, I love to just take it easy and take in the city. With my daughter and my two dogs at home, I spend my days walking around the parks and the city, occasionally meeting friends for coffee or a meal. My favourite restaurant is definitely La Petite Maison, which has great food and a busy ambience!

Any particular local culinary hotspots in Mumbai you care to reveal for those visiting?

I’ve come to enjoy Hakkasan and Yauatcha that have opened in Mumbai! I find that they’ve done well in re-creating the ambience that is present in their London locations, and the food is absolutely delicious!

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