Hg2 talks to Seda Yilmaz, fashion news editor at ELLE Turkey. Based in Istanbul, Seda has plenty to share about what’s cool in the ‘Bul.

What do you love most about life in Istanbul?
Istanbul is my hometown and place where I’m a happy dreamer and storyteller. I also love cupcakes, coffee, bunnies, polka dots, Peter Pan collars, Liberty prints and London.

Seda Yilmaz shows Hg2 around Istanbul | Image: Mert Derman

Travel essential?
A book, my diary and iPod.

Istanbul: One of Europe’s most stunning cities.

Best cocktail bar in Istanbul?
Changa has the best cocktails in town, but Passimoza is my favourite.

Perfect Hedonist night out?
Start the night at Kiki with a tasty Mojito. For a cosy atmosphere and yummy mezes, go to Demeti. Music and dance follow a filling dinner. The music venue Babylon has fantastic gigs. It’s my go-to place for an ideal weekend night out.

Best hangover cure?
Cuppa offers a great selection of juices. After a big night out, go there to drink Hangover juice. It’s the best cure for a stomach that gets upset from too much alcohol. Eggs benedict goes nicely with the juice.

Best little-known shop in Istanbul?
For fans of vintage treasures, check out the dresses and accessories at Pied de Poule. The store’s eccentric owner Selale Gultekin makes any visit worthwhile. She is ready for a chit chat all the time. For avid collectors of toys and children’s books, Oyuncakci Eren Bey’s store is located on the Asian side, in Moda. It is filled to the brim with fantastic vintage finds related to children. Jewellery master Kirkor Usta’s shop is a heaven for the ones who appreciate artisanship. It’s a gem hidden just off the famous Istiklal Street.

Shopping in Istanbul: Check out Pied de Poule for a selection of vintage clothing and accessories.

Fave Istanbul trend?
I see Hg2 has already picked up on this trend, but there are a growing number of ice cream shops in Istanbul of recent. As if we have an extremely hot climate! Or we don’t eat anything but ice cream!

Favourite Istanbul restaurant?
Ciya Sofrasi offers gastronomic delights like no other.

Istanbul must-have?
Turkish delight from Cemilzade. Founded in 1883, this confectioner’s shop has a legendary legacy. Their rose flavoured Turkish delight is exquisite.

Must-see for first-time visitors?
Grand Bazaar. It may sound clichéd, but this place still amazes me with its jumble of colors. You can feel the real essence of the city and its history there.

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