You’d think Nuno Mendes, culinary superstar at Town Hall Hotel’s Viajante, would be satisfied. But he’s clearly not. Far from it, in fact, if his latest opening is anything to go by: Called The Corner Room, the brasserie-style space is significantly more low-key than its older sibling with a more casual menu of modern European fare and lower prices to match. The space itself–tucked away in a discreet corner of the historic property–is more laid-back, too, with dark wooden floors, a vintage spiral staircase and an installation of suspended lights. It’s all very Parisian chic, and the crowd is, too–at least, those who manage to snag one of only 30 seats are. There’s no reservations, but those lucky enough to be seated will be pleased they chanced it. We wait with bated breath to see what Nuno comes up with next.
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