London is a city of contrasts – we wanted to curate a small selection of videos that show the city off to its best – we’ve come across some amazing short films online and these are our favourites:

London Bus Tour

Shot by Moritz Oberholzer sitting on a bus with a HD camera and a DIY 35mm adaptor – beautifully edited, great soundtrack it shows London life as it really is  – the people, the places, and life just passing us by…
[vimeo w=709&h=399]

London // Night // 2012

The second video is a time lapse video of London at night – eerily accompanied by the music from 28 Days Later – it captures a city that never sleeps and one that is so beautiful when the sun goes down…

[vimeo w=710&h=402]

Street Level Royal Wedding

This next one sums up the mood and feel around last year’s Royal Wedding – using its subjects as commentators it really captures the feeling of togetherness and unity that swept London last summer

[vimeo w=709&h=399]

London Warehouse Party

London’s club scene has always been streets ahead and the renaissance of the warehouse party has created a new scene with a new edge where the DJ is God and the clubbers are there for the music and not to pose…

[vimeo w=709&h=399]

London in HD

Finally, comes this offering from the BBC – this is a more typical take on London – a little bit of a travelogue and a slight ode to CSI – but still it looks great
[vimeo w=710&h=399]

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