Afternoon tea was once in danger of becoming (dare we say it) old hat, but it’s recently enjoyed something of a resurgence thanks in large part to a number of nostalgic London venues coming up with new and inspired takes on the age-old Brit tradition. The latest is Momo, a North African restaurant-cum-cafe-cum-bazaar wedged at 23-25 Heddon Street between Mayfair and Soho. Complimenting its mouthwatering menu of North African fare is Afternoon at Momo, a concept menu launched today. On it is a sumptuous slew of sweet ‘n’ savoury delights, all of which is served on a delicate tiered Moroccan cake stand. The tea, meanwhile, comes in copper teapots that owner Mourad Mazouz has sourced especially for the occasion. Expect decadent delights such as Maghrebine pastries, apple and saffron tarts, Moroccan chicken wraps and spiced vegetable quiche. Served everyday from 2.30pm-5.30pm, the £22 afternoon tea is the perfect way to refuel between shops.
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