Freshly unveiled in April 2011, SALT Beyoğlu is Istanbul’s newest contemporary gallery, funded by prominent Turkish bank Garanti. SALT – not a reference to the seasoning but a translation of the Turkish word for ‘pure’ – is sprinkled over six floors of the 19th-century Siniossoglou Apartmanı building. Three levels of exhibition space are sandwiched between the innovative Walk-In Cinema, complete with art house documentaries and plush velvet benches, and a nascent ‘experimental edible’ rooftop garden. SALT’s opening show by late Turkish artist Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin was stellar; expect similarly cutting-edge exhibitions in the future. SALT Galata (Bankalar Caddesi) will also open in October 2011. This second gallery space will hold the Ottoman Bank Museum, an auditorium, research facility, library and an awesome rooftop restaurant purveyed with perfection by the Istanbul Doors group (of Vogue and Zuma fame).
Taken from the 2nd Edition of Hg2 Istanbul by Tristan Rutherford & Kathryn Tomasetti, out Autumn 2011