The underground has long been heralded as super cool. But it usually comes with dark, sometimes seedy, connotations too. Which is why the new breed of guerrilla-like promoters are upping their game, adding sexy little ‘secret’ monikers to their mystery-shrouded shindigs. From the underground ‘supper club’ dining scene across the globe, to Secret Cinema’s film-based domination and more 5* hotel and Michelin starred restaurant deals than you could possibly dream of. Never before has secret been so sexy.

Secret Restaurants


(Full Hg2 Buenos Aires Guide available here )

Taking the cabaret concept from ‘30s and ‘40s New York jazz clubs, today’s breed of supper club is much the same as its predecessor – offering informal (now often secretive) dining affairs with exciting entertainment additions.

Usually only advertised through the blogosphere or on social media platforms, it’s become a taste so sought after that some clever web-based fans are starting to take a bigger slice of that pie – by introducing whole sites dedicated to the supper club menu alone.

The Salt Shaker is one such fellow. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to the so-called underground dining scene. His little beauty – covering everywhere from Bognor Regis to the British Virgin Islands – is as comprehensive a list as you’ll probably find, ever.

Combine your supper club affair with a full weekend break – get the guide here.

Secret Hotels

One of the best 5* hotels in Paris, the Park Hyatt Vendome, could be yours…

Everyone’s heard of  – it’s the venerable granddaddy of cheap holiday deals and what not. Well, they’ve just injected an extra element of cool into their company. With a seductive flick of the switch, it’s hidden some of the very best 5* hotels behind the scenes of 3* prices, leaving just the teasers to tempt you with.

Top Paris hotels are going for as little as £46 – perfect for that romantic getaway you may be planning. (Tempt yourself with this full Hg2 Paris Guide)

Top Secret Hotels allows you to choose the location and the price, of course, and the clues are pretty good going. But it’s a way of upholding the major players’ names, whilst giving the more everyday consumer a taste of the big time – at a fraction of the cost.

They’re also your best bet for huge Michelin starred restaurant deals (Top Secret Restaurants), theatre ticket discounts and car hire…. All kept secret until the actual date. It’s like blind dating on the Internet with the world’s most coveted sites.

Secret Cinema


They tell everyone to ‘Tell No One’. But it seems no one does as they’re told. This seductive ‘secret-films-in-secret-locations’ offering does exactly as it says on the tin. And is growing in global proportions. Revolutionising the way we watch films, one guerrilla project at a time.

This fully immersive film company created a cult following from their original London locations. The Battle of Algiers was played out in the Old Vic Tunnel, The Warriors were taken to London Fields and many more unique shows took place in New York, Berlin and Kabul. Rome and Istanbul have been hinted at too.

It’s not just the screening that’s considered either – the whole setting becomes a show in itself. Characters get involved to re-enact scenes, installations are added and there’s always related food and drink on offer. The cinema has never been such an exciting event offering.

Interested viewers sign up to the unassuming yet totally film-focused Secret Cinema website and follow them on Facebook (New York) or Twitter. Tickets then get released about a month in advance and usually sell out in a matter of hours. They’re bought without details and information gets dripped out via social media, tantalising the tastebuds right up until the night.

Why not tie your Secret Cinema trip in with a city break?


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