We’re getting close to the launch of a new Tel Aviv city guide here at Hg2, and we’re excited. We think Tel Aviv is one of the hippest cities in the world right now and it’s certainly the type of place you want to go for a real party. So we asked guest hipster traveller Adam Groffman of Travels of Adam to give us the skinny on the city he just spent several months partying and playing in.

Tel Aviv is one of those cities that’s continually surprising. Most people don’t realize it’s a hedonistic hotspot—not just for the Middle East, but probably all of Europe, too. It’s a city where the men walk around topless, the woman carry rifles and just about everyone has a dog. In Tel Aviv, you can drink in public, the beach is a meeting spot and the clubs never close.

Tel Avivians are famous for one thing: having fun. Though Israel surely has a complex and complicated political history, in Tel Aviv this is all forgotten for the sake of a shot of arak (anise-flavored liquor). They don’t call it “The Bubble” without reason.

There are hundreds of things to do in Tel Aviv, but here are a select few of my favorites:

People-watch on the beach

Tel Aviv, on the Mediterranean coast, has some of the world’s best beaches (and beach parties)! Most of the twenty-somethings hang out at Gordon Beach, right near downtown/central Tel Aviv. The gays are at Hilton Beach a bit further north and Mezizim Beach (even further north) has all the hippies and interesting characters. Each beach has hundreds of lounge chairs you can chill out on for the cost of a drink. So just sit back and have an iced coffee to nurse your hangover from the night before. Stay for sunset and you can catch all the folks doing yoga.


Tel Aviv’s nightlife and bar scene is constantly changing. They can be as fleeting as the British tourists who fly in for a weekend of fun. Personally, I’m a fan of the summer pop-up bar Teder.FM. Good music and a fun crowd, it’s a great place to start a big night out and it’s right down the street from the bigger clubs around Rothschild Boulevard.

Check out the Lima Lima club for electro music, or Radio EPGB for more of a rock-and-roll vibe.

Food! Food! Food!

Good food is as important as a fun night out, and Tel Aviv has its fair share of foodie restaurants. For greasy burgers, the eternally popular Moses serves up a decent burger. Though it bills itself as a family place, don’t let its childish logo keep you away—the waiters are surly and the atmosphere is quirky in that fun kind of way. Nearby, the Benedict Restaurant serves breakfast (American-style!) 24/7. Nothing like two eggs after a night on the dancefloor!

Further south, on Shabazi street in the trendy Neve Tzedek are a handful of up-scale restaurants, craft stores and bookshops. Try the Suzanna Restaurant for some authentic Israeli food. You’re only a few blocks from the beach, too, so it’s a nice area for a romantic night out.


Teder.FM Har Sinai 5
Lima Lima Lilienblum 42
Radio EPGB Shadal 7
Moses Kfar Saba 14
Benedict Sderot Rothschild 29
Suzanna Shabazi 9

Adam is a freelance travel writer and hipster traveler. He travels with skinny ties and always skinny jeans. For more hipster Tel Aviv travel tips (or even Jerusalem!), be sure to check out Adam’s travel blog. Or follow him on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook and add him to one of your Google+ circles.