For the past several months, we have been working hard on our newest city guide to Tel Aviv. Our Hg2 author has been on the ground scouting the best restaurants, hottest clubs and chicest cafes, and we’ve been busying putting it all together. And today, we’re so excited to announce the launch of Hg2 Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv has a rep for being one of the world’s party-hard cities, where you can spend all day eating fabulous food overlooking the Mediterranean and all night clubbing to some of the best DJs on earth. It’s a true hedonist’s playground, so we’ve chosen the best of the guide and put together this round-the-clock, 24-hour itinerary to Tel Aviv.

24-Hours in Tel Aviv

You’ll start off the day waking up in one of the five fabulously decadent suites at the Neve Tzedek Hotel, where a private balcony is the perfect place to grab a light breakfast under the Tel Aviv sunshine to prep you for the long day (and night) ahead.

For good measure, you’ll want to get a bit of culture in first thing while mind and body are still fresh and haze-free, so head to Old Jaffa, which, with its maze of winding streets and stucco houses tottering on top of one another, makes for a wonderful hour or two of historical exploration. Be sure to take a stroll along the Jaffa promenade to take in some sea air and, if you’re feeling artsy, pitch up to the Dvir Gallery at Jaffa Port to find out what’s going on in the world of Israeli contemporary art.

At this point, a snack is in order, and that’s where Dr. Shakshuka comes in …. this greasy spoon is known for its shakshuka, a kind of veggie omelette made with eggs sloppy sunny-side-up. It also makes for a lovely boho-sit-down with a neighbourhood vibe – lots of pots and pans hang from the ancient ceiling and the whole place has a relaxed atmosphere great for mid-morning snacking.

Belly duly filled, stroll (don’t run!) back into central Tel Aviv for a wander through Nachalat Binyamin, a popular street fair where local artists exhibit their works alongside street performers. If you can pry yourself away from buying a kitschy decorative piece or some glassware, take a peek at the rather eclectic architectural styles that line the street.

For lunch, escape the bustle of the fair and pop in to Mizala right along Nachalat Binyamin. This is Israeli celeb-chef Meir Adoni‘s first foray into more relaxed dining after his success with French haute-cuisine at Catit (also just a few streets away, in case you’re in the mood for a more posh affair).

Afternoon. Time for a choice. Do we get active to work off some of those gorgeous calories from the morning or do we carry on exploring the Med city’s more relaxing corners? Active types should make for Tel Aviv Promenade for a surfing lesson (when in TA, right?). Surf Point do traditional surfing lessons, as well as the edgier sports like kite and windsurfing if you’re really feeling good. If, however, you’re in the mood to relax, head to Spa Cielo inside the Hilton at Gordon Beach, where massages and lush treatments are the order of the day (and even come with sea views!).

As evening sets in, cocktails begin to call out from the rooftops of Tel Aviv. Pre-dinner tipples are to be had (in abundance, if you like) at Brown Hotel Bar inside (or, rather, atop) the eponymous design hotel just off Nachalat Binyamin. Cocktails and cava flow freely to accompany vast views over urban Tel Aviv – a great place to watch the sunset.

A few glasses of champers down, and it’s time to eat – this time, some proper seafood. Fish always tastes better with a view of the sea, and that’s certainly true at Manta Ray – a seaside restaurant so popular they renamed the beach after it. Stick your toes in the sand (yes, literally!) and gobble up some mullet ceviche or an overflowing pot of shellfish.

Now it’s time to get the night properly started, so a few drinks at the aptly named Patio Bar are in order. Simple and unassuming, with an endless flow of sea air, it is easy to down a fair few drinks here before popping in to Mendalimos. In Tel Aviv, ‘dance bars’ are all the rage as more relaxed places to drink and dance without the hype of a nightclub, and this is one of the best in the city. It’s also a great place to get your grooves going before heading in to MAD in Tel Aviv, a fist-pumping nightclub where you can easily loose track of the hours amidst massive LED screens and the dizzying array of bar islands.

As the night rolls on, you can finally make your way to Cat and Dog, one of the top nightclubs in Tel Aviv. Some of the world’s best DJs pump out music until the not-so-wee hours of the morning here in a virtually blacked-out den of true techno trance.

Staggering out of here at god knows what hour of the morning, you’re going to need some serious snackage, and that’s where Frank comes in. There is nothing better for drunken cravings than meat in tube form, and Frank does brats with all the toppings until 4am, catering to club-goers with class.

If you’re not quite ready to hit the pillow from here, there’s only one place of further debauchery to be found in Tel Aviv: Sex Boutique. And with that kind of name, how can you not? In fact, not a strip club but rather a charmingly dingy dive bar (they play sex noises from the speakers) that stays open ’til last customer, this will certainly top of your evening in one form or another and leave you to stumble back to start all over again in the White City that Never Sleeps.

Inspired to check out Israel’s hottest city? Be sure to grab a look at Hg2 Tel Aviv for the full run down on the city’s best.