Innovative project Future Shorts began in 2003 and is fast becoming one of the most celebrated and highly praised cinema experiences in the world. Through the use of live music, theatre and other performances, alongside screenings of the best in short film, Future Shorts has managed to create a unique way to explore and enjoy cinema.

Due to such global success, the film festival has now gone on to create a platform in which millions of people worldwide can access the work of hundreds of filmmakers. This has literally sparked a global Future Shorts community where anybody, anywhere has the chance to showcase short films to an audience.



That Spring Programme festival runs until May 31 – check the Future Shorts website for more details. Future Cinema‘s UK-based interactive Bugsy Malone screening kicks off tonight (March 16) too. All reasons to chat with Fabien ourselves…

Future Shorts state that ‘anyone anywhere can set up their own film festival’ – please explain.

Our aim is to make short films accessible to anyone in the world. From screenings in Kabul and Cairo to Los Angeles and Tokyo, we want our global audience to see films in extraordinary spaces and engage with their community. We’re very excited to be part of a community of film-makers and audiences in over 55 countries and 250 cities worldwide.

Your ‘Spring Programme’ has reached global success, what have been the most quirky settings so far?

There’s been incredible screenings in a bamboo cinema in Ho Chi Minh City, a fashion shop in Cairo and an underground art gallery space in Tokyo.

Future Shorts on a Boat in Berlin

You must have travelled extensively for this project (and others) – where are your favourite independent cinema houses?

Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas and Sunshine Cinema in NYC. Both brilliant.

Sunshine Cinema, NYC

‘The Audience Award’ has been launched as a celebration of some of the strong talent that’s on showcase, which films are you most excited about this year?

I’m most excited about Quadrangle, a provacative documentary by Amy Grappell. It’s an examination of a four-way affair that explores two “conventional” couples. It’s excellent.

Whilst choosing which films to screen, did you notice any trends coming out of certain countries or areas?

This season, particularly, I noticed a desire for more truthful and bolder short films and film-making. Let’s go back to the days of the Godfather, Chinatown and The Graduate …

Please tell us your favourite travel-inspiring films.

Casablanca – Morocco

Head On – Turkey

Manhattan- New York

Blade runner – Los Angeles

What else are you planning for the future? 

We are excited for the future of cinema and short films. We are looking for more global partnerships and looking to explore film-making that affects and reaches people across the globe. Our sister company, Future Cinema, which produces Secret Cinema, will be launching in the States very soon.

Written by: Chloe Spencer