If you fancy a drink after work or want to see your evening out in style, why not visit the newly opened Rhodes Patrón Bar at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch? Named after and inspired by Patrón, the world’s finest tequila brand, the bar aims to offer an ambiance that, ‘like the tequila it serves, is laid back and sultry, yet full of life and colour’. If this description seems a little contradictory to you then fear not, a few cocktails should leave you feeling significantly less concerned. From oak-aged to coffee infused, there is a Patrón tequila to suit every taste and the bar’s fabulous cocktails will convert even those still haunted by the ghosts of tequila hangovers past. If your night goes so well that you’d like a souvenir, you can purchase a whole bottle. Not only will it remind you where you’ve been, but it’s a rock-solid investment, too, as each is individually designed and makes for the perfect hand-crafted collectible.
By Hg2’s Katy Foster
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