Whether sulking in the British rain or sweltering in the American heat, this has been a summer of survival. Quite frankly, we’re ready for a break. Autumn is arriving all too soon, so here at Hg2, we decided to round up the best cities for an autumn getaway in 2012.


Arguably at its most beautiful in autumn, Prague is a city for supping beers or crisp rosé under delightful sun with views of autumn colour. Though people often like to revel in Prague’s mysterious qualities, autumn here is a time to enjoy its warmth up close, with a brisk stroll along the Vltava that leads you into partying the night away.

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Kuala Lumpur

If you didn’t get enough summer this year, here’s one for you. In recent years, Kuala Lumpur has blossomed into a happening party spot where travellers-in-the-know head to eat and drink the muggy nights away. Situated just north of the equator, the Malaysian capital is always warm and is within reach of some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever lay your bod down on.

New Orleans

Sure, NoLA is known for being the hazy home of hedonistic delights during Mardi Gras, but come to New Orleans in autumn and you see another side to the city altogether. The party’s still on, but the weather’s much more manageable, and there are plenty of fantastic autumn events on, from the Seafood Festival in September to the Film Festival in October and, of course, Voodoo Music Experience over Halloween weekend.

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Ahh, sweet Havana. There is no place that will stir the inner emotions of a lingering summer more than the Cuban delight, with its colourful old cars and smoky nightclubs that will really make you feel like you’re in some fantastic 1950s throwback.

Tel Aviv

Over the past few years, Tel Aviv has been making its mark as Israel’s true party town – a place where hedonism abounds from the silky Mediterranean shores to the thumping nightclubs that basically never shut down. Here’s one autumn city break for forgetting it’s autumn altogether.

Buenos Aires

When it’s autumn here, it’s springtime in Buenos Aires – a city of dichotomies, where tradition and modernity meet on a plain of nostalgia. Yes, BA is firmly South American – steaks and bravado and great parties – but it’s also European, with gorgeous architecture, amazing wine and that certain je ne sais quoi that makes the Argentines so refined.

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The eastern seaboard of North America is known for its beautiful autumn colour, but Toronto is often overlooked for an autumn getaway. Easy to reach for North Americans and Europeans alike, Toronto is the perfect autumn city break where parties go long into the night, great food abounds and there are plenty of parks to catch the trees in firey colour.

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If you didn’t get your fill of beach this summer, Cancun’s the place for it this autumn. It’s all about sun and glorious turquoise sea here. And parties that last ’til the wee hours. And delicious Mexican eats.


To mistake Zurich for being a boring banking centre would be a grave misunderstanding about just what this Swiss city is. Although a great base for winter skiing, autumn in Zurich is the perfect time to soak up some long evenings at the open-air clubs along the lake or go for an autumnal walk in the mountains that overlook the city.

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For the truly intrepid who really want to get off the beaten path, Freetown is where it’s at. A city that continues to rise from the difficulties of civil war and poverty, Freetown’s gritty party scene and chaotic African vibe makes it a great choice for those who’ve beenthere-donethat just about everywhere else. True hedonists, take note.


For many, Beirut might scream “summer”, but its long evenings and hot party scene make it a perfect city for an autumn break. The Lebanese weather is still fine late into the year, when the hippest of Beirut’s pretty young things dash to the city’s countless rooftop bars for a tipple and a view.

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Hosting the Eurovision contest this year has given Baku a name. The former Soviet city (and Azerbaijan’s capital) is rising from the concrete of communism and returning to the glory days when it was once the wealthiest city on the planet. Having last year celebrated two decades of independence, Baku is the perfect spot for exotic-seekers to find the perfect autumn getaway.

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