Hurricane season is on the wane and sunny skies are returning to Miami. Do you need another reason to plan a trip to the city of vice and all things oh-so nice? If so, heed our hedonistic advice; Hg2‘s very own Sara Townsend has just got back from a fleeting visit to the fabulous city, and knows what’s hip and what’s happening right now.
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Pool scene at the Shore Club
The Shore Club pool carries on rocking whilst other hotels are snoozing. Day after day the loungers fill up with sexy young things drinking and indulging in some serious flirting. Staff don’t seem too bothered if you’re staying in the hotel or not; just walk in as if you own the place, tip the pool boy generously, order a bottle of Champagne and no awkward questions will be asked.

Crowd-free Nikki Beach
Go to Nikki Beach and read a book? No, we’re not going mad. It’s quiet here now, which makes for excellent service, surprisingly good food and your choice of loungers. Fear not, the Sunday party remains popular and mojitos always flow.

Mojitos at the Rose Bar
A stylish bar in the impressive Delano Hotel. The people are pretty and the mojitos are the best in town.

Latin flavours
has moved house (to the Sanctury Hotel, SoBe) but cerviche king Douglas Rodrigues continues to knock out delicious, inventive Latin-Caribbean-inspired dishes; don’t miss the Lobster empanada and do ask the excellent sommelier for recommendations from the well-chosen Spanish/New World wine list. Across town in the Design District, Sra. Martinez delivers tapas to-die-for in funked-up, colonial interiors.

Party at LIV
A diminutive club with a big reputation, LIV attracts some of the world’s best DJs alongside some of the world’s most decadent party animals. Loved and hated in equal measure; those who can surmount the velvet ropes will fall into the former category; those who don’t gripe about it online. We can’t offer you a magic ‘open sesame’ but reserving a table, getting onto the NFA list (no, we don’t know what it means either but it appears to be the opposite of NFI) and trying a little French with Freddie the doorman all help.