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Hg2 | A Hedonist’s guide to… started life as series of beautifully printed city guides (even if we say so ourselves) with an intelligent, irreverent and inspired take on their cities. With a curiously eclectic mix of writers Hg2 specialised in the more hedonistic aspects of travel – from the most bijoux hotels to culinarily-creative restaurants, opulent cocktail bars to underground clubs with a few sights and sounds thrown in for rare moments of clarity and cultural enthusiasm.

Our Team

  1. Tremayne Carew Pole

    Tremayne Carew Pole

    Founder and Publisher

    Tremayne never quite found his niche and tried everything from estate agency and headhunting to specialising in Richard & Judy and travelling extensively. He loves Africa (there is nowhere else on earth that makes you feel more alive – the red dirt, the expansive skies and the warmth of the sun), difficult places, interesting people, John Varvatos, strong coffee for breakfast and underground parties, but loathes queuing, insomnia and restaurants with photos on the menus. What makes him a hedonist? “A total disregard for my own wellbeing, an inexhaustible approach to nightlife, not knowing when to say no and being the last man standing.”

  2. Claire Bullen

    Claire Bullen

    Assistant Editor

    Half English and half American, Claire has lived all over the US – from San Francisco and Chicago to Philadelphia and New York. It was about time that she honoured her Anglo roots, and she joined Hg2 after relocating to London in 2013. She loves packing a stack of good novels when travelling, craft beer, and anything French, but loathes fast food, bad filter coffee and the middle seat. What makes her a hedonist? “I care more about dining and drinking well than almost anything else.”

  3. Sara Townsend

    Sara Townsend


    Sara joined Hg2 in 2004, when it was just a from-the-kitchen-table outfit. Since then, she has worked on pretty much every aspect of the guides, including writing Hg2 Zurich. A tremendous fan of the Middle East, her most memorable travels include Oman, Namibia and several interesting years living in Bahrain. Something approaching a perfect moment includes a dusty pink sun dropping behind palm trees and the glorious decadence of sipping a frosty mojito listening to the call to prayer.

  4. Hg2


    The Hedonist

    Intelligent. Irreverent. Inspired. Our Hg2 editorial team love looking at the world through different lenses to bring you the most interesting, independent people, ideas and places we can.

Our Writers

  1. Alice McConnell

    Alice McConnell

    Los Angeles Editor
  2. Amy Zavatto

    Amy Zavatto

    Food, Wine and Cocktail Writer
    Eat New York
  3. Andrew Ludwig

    Andrew Ludwig

  4. Andrew Stone

    Andrew Stone

    Writer and Editor
    New York/Los Angeles
  5. Anna Whitehouse

    Anna Whitehouse

  6. Catherine McCormack

    Catherine McCormack

    Art History Lecturer and Writer
  7. Charles Froggatt

    Charles Froggatt

    Director of International Polo Academy
  8. Chris Canty

    Chris Canty

    Travel Journalist
    Buenos Aires
  9. Collette Lyons

    Collette Lyons

    Freelance Journalist
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Our DJs

  1. Edward Sharpe

    Edward Sharpe

    Los Angeles
  2. Jodie Harsh

    Jodie Harsh

  3. Judge Jules

    Judge Jules

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