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The Lounge
We've never seen someone's living room look quite as plush as Lounge - all velvet drapes and polished wooden tables - but it still tries to recreate homely look.
Studio 2
Studio 54 may indeed have more weight behind its name but karaoke bar Studio 2 is still worth a visit - if not for the sound-proofing curtains alone.
Pride Lounge
Proving that karaoke doesn't only take place in Benidorm Pride Lounge is Baku's primary sing-along destination; whether it's Celine or Mariah you're after you're sure to find it here.
Oscar Club
Old-school glamour is the order of the day at Oscar Club with a distinct 1940s Hollywood style that carries through from its décor right through to its mostly-jazz music policy.
Living Room 2
Sitting on the site of former gay club Le Mirage Living Room 2 caters as much to the gay crowd as it does straight with boudoir-style interiors and a tempting cocktail list.
Khalifa is like an Aladdin's cave of wonders with Arabic-style décor and dancers to match; just don't ask them to rub your magic lamp.
Jazz Centre
Jazz is like Marmite - you either love or hate it. If your personal preference is the former then head to the Jazz Centre for some of the best jazz in town.
To Infiniti and beyond as they say; packed with Bakuvian man-eaters it's practically impossible for a foreign man to leave Inifini without a luscious lady in tow. Whether you want her or not.
Face Club
The cream of Baku's club-based crop is Face; here you'll find the glam interiors and glitzy crowd expected at any capital's coolest club.
Le Chevalier goes for a medieval motif with knights in armour at every turn and a dark basement setting; just be sure not to get off your head otherwise you may lose it.

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