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3+1 Bedrooms
Incredibly stylish but tiny boutique hotel tucked down an alley way
All-Star Sports
Popular and comprehensive Sports Bar.
Sophisticated cocktails and sublime finger food.
Aria Boutique
Foreign designers are sold alongside the owner's own take on Chinese style. The result? Chic clothes indeed.
Arty farty types flock to this store in their design-y droves.
Trendy tapas bar with lounging and dancing.
Innovative Asian fusion of Chinese Korean and Japanese cooking.
Block 8
A rooftop beach bar is ideal for long summer evenings.
Café Copy
An anti-establishment haven.
Café de Sofa
Vietnamese coffee served in a friendly environment.
Café Sambal
Romantic candlelit Malaysian restaurant perfect for extra-special dates.
Capital M
Contemporary European dining with extraordinary views.
Chang & Biorck
If you never thought you'd see Scandanavia and China come together in spectacular style think again; this store combines the styles of both places to create jaw-droppingly beautiful objets d'art.
Chateau Bolongbao
You may not order a bottle of China's finest while at a meal but the its gaining momentum. Visit a homegrown vineyard such as this and see why.
Comptoirs de France
A beautiful French patisserie with mouth-watering food.
Crab Island
Strip off and sprawl out on this man-made beach. Apparently Beijng's answer to the Hamptons.
Minimal lines and sleek aesthetics - and that's just the store. More of the same from the clothing.
If you like smellies scents and candles then this is the store for you.
Always packed this is Beijing's only full-scale gay club.
Exclusive cocktail lounge.
Dong Liang Studio
A shine to cutting-edge (and well-cut) Chinese designers this studio has style all wrapped up.
Drink Express MTR
You can always count on Beijing to come up with concepts for stores that are just so well bizzare. Enter this hidden gem selling retro soda cans with an Eastern twist.
Drum and Bell
Relaxed neighbourhood hangout with WiFi and good pub food.
Hip happening homeware for the, er, home.
Element Fresh
Healthy American food in a sophisticated trendy interior.
If Wallpaper* launched a design shop this would be it. Sleek sexy and brimming with style.
Eric Paris
Brimming with elegant expats Eric Paris provides Parisian chic in the heart of Beijing.
Talk about specific! This shop knows what it's selling and isn't ashamed to shout about it.
Fei Space
Chinese fashion doesn't get much hipper than that on offer from Zhang Da at Fei Space.
Like jewellery but want something that's not a Cartier copy? Head here where no two items are the same.
Fubar Péking
Quirkiness and vintage jazz abound at this chic speak-easy.
Gobi Gear
The Gobi Desert may not be the most obvious choice of inspiration for a shop but this store makes it work in its favour.
Great Leap #6
One of the pioneers of Beijing’s craft beer scene, Great Leap #6 offers up tastebud-tantalizing brews from its original location in the Dongcheng District.
Green T House
Masterfully presented tea-infused cuisine with optional secretive dining and a playful menu.
GT Banana
The ultimate mega-club experience.
Guxiang 20
A stylish mix of contemporary design Chinese antiques and a rooftop tennis court
Specialising in linen and silk garments from Korea you can always find something suitably stylish to wear at Hana.
The best sushi rolls in town in aquatic-themed Californian style.
Hotel G
Sumptuously opulent and oh-so-chic boutique hotel.

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