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A Hedonist’s guide to…


3 Guizhou Men
Guìzhourén classics in an arty setting.
3+1 Bedrooms
Incredibly stylish but tiny boutique hotel tucked down an alley way
All-Star Sports
Popular and comprehensive Sports Bar.
aloft Beijing
A fun and affordable option in the North of Beijing.
Aman Summer Palace
Aman Summer Palace
Superb imperial specialties in a historic and hugely atmospheric setting.
Anantara Spa
A sleek spa that lives up to its fame; rest relax and rejuvenate miles away from it all.
Aperitivo and chain-smoking at this euro-centric haunt.
Sophisticated cocktails and sublime finger food.
Arario Gallery
Exhibitons from acclaimed and emerging Asian artists.
Aria Boutique
Foreign designers are sold alongside the owner's own take on Chinese style. The result? Chic clothes indeed.
Arrow Factory
Unusual and intriguing contemporary exhibitions.
Arty farty types flock to this store in their design-y droves.
Awfully Chocolate
Glamorous minamalism and lots and lots of chocolate.
Be Zure
Bed down in style with interior design Catherine Chen's fabulous fabrics.
Trendy tapas bar with lounging and dancing.
Innovative Asian fusion of Chinese Korean and Japanese cooking.
Hip-hop champagne and ostention are favorites at this glittering extravaganza.
Block 8
A rooftop beach bar is ideal for long summer evenings.
Blu Lobster
Superb seafood from a master of molecular gastronomy.
Café Copy
An anti-establishment haven.
Café de Sofa
Vietnamese coffee served in a friendly environment.
Café Sambal
Romantic candlelit Malaysian restaurant perfect for extra-special dates.
Café Zarah
German breakfast and Prosecco great combination.
Capital M
Contemporary European dining with extraordinary views.
Lively and happening with live jazz.
Chang & Biorck
If you never thought you'd see Scandanavia and China come together in spectacular style think again; this store combines the styles of both places to create jaw-droppingly beautiful objets d'art.
Chateau Bolongbao
You may not order a bottle of China's finest while at a meal but the its gaining momentum. Visit a homegrown vineyard such as this and see why.
Cherry Lane
Catch the latest independent film at this art house cinema.
Get ready for a truly decadent experience at this OTT club.
Commune by the Great Wall
An architecural wonder tucked away in the Shuiguan Mountains.
Comptoirs de France
A beautiful French patisserie with mouth-watering food.
Crab Island
Strip off and sprawl out on this man-made beach. Apparently Beijng's answer to the Hamptons.
Minimal lines and sleek aesthetics - and that's just the store. More of the same from the clothing.
d lounge
Very glamourous with lots of attitude.
If you like smellies scents and candles then this is the store for you.
Always packed this is Beijing's only full-scale gay club.
Exclusive cocktail lounge.
Dong Liang Studio
A shine to cutting-edge (and well-cut) Chinese designers this studio has style all wrapped up.

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