Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Yugong Yishan
Underground acts take to the stage in this atmospheric venue.
Yashow Market
All the tat you could ever possibly need for the folks back home.
A contemporary take on a traditional courtyard that boasts a celebrity-packed rooftop terrace...
Wuyutai Teahouse
Tea isn't just a British thing; Beijingers can't get enough of the stuff.
Wangfujing Bookstore
You don't have to stray too far off the beaten bath to get lost within the pages of a foreign world here.
Wanda Plaza Arcade
Playing retro arcade games is something of a sport in Beijing so indulge right here.
Vincent Café
Excellent French caf̩.
Tung Lok Tang
Young hip and trendy? Call off the search you've found your home.
Less seedy than the name suggests.
As the pharmacy to former emperors you know you're getting your hands on some good medicine here.
Tongli Studio
Fall down the rabbit hole into a nighttime labyrinth.
Three Shadows
The home of photography and cinematography in the city.
The Vineyard Café
Comfort and hangover food in a relaxed environment.
The Village
Western-style shopping complex crowned by a chic courtyard.
The Tree
One of Beijing's best pizza joints with a great selection of beers
The Shop
While it's not the most imaginatively-named store in SoBe, The Shop sells incredibly cool designer clothes for both men and women.
The Old Town Girls
I'ts not second-hand it's vintage' so say the cool girls in Gulou. And they're right. Dive in to the bargain bin here and unearth a buried treasure.
The Hutong
Sign-up for a course here to learn everything from cookery to yoga.
The Boat
Hip floating dance bar.
Tang Contemp. Art
Representing some of China's most established artists Tang's artists tend to be highly conceptual.
Two floors are better than one as they say (or is that heads?) and that's no more true than at Surface a two-floored emporium dedicated to unisex fashions.
Tapas pizzas and a host of Mediterranean delights.
Sugar Jar
Chinese rock er rocks so brush up on your knowledge here.
Steak Exchange
Huge American-style steaks and sumptuously sweet desserts.
Star Live
A mixture of up and coming live acts with established cult legends.
Spin Ceramics
Young designers are showcased at spin with their pottery on display for all and sundry to see.
South Beauty
Spicy Sichuan dishes with style and efficiency.
Song Music Bar
Eclectic music policy in an unusual interior is manna for media types.
Solana Lifestyle Mall
Wanting to combine a little shopping with a lot of sashaying about the dance floor? Look no further than this retail-cum-clubbing complex.
Slow Boat Brewery Taproom
The Slow Boat Brewery Taproom is one of the leading lights of Beijing’s craft beer scene, offering up an impressive selection of brews and great food.
An all-round winner with well-priced drinks great food and some of Beijing's best music.
The newest contemporary gallery in Istanbul is named after the Turkish word for 'pure'...
Saddle Cantina
A haven for beer lovers that also serves own-brew tequila and guacamole.
Ruoshuitang Umbrella
There's nothing quite as elegant as a Chinese parasol so get the look by snapping one up here.
Appetizing and atmospheric Persian cuisine boasting tender meats and delicate spices.
A dark and seductive lounge that boasts cigar wine and sushi bars.
Red Capital Ranch
Embrace eco-chic at this charming ranch.
Red Capital Club
Revolutionary specialties in a vintage courtyard setting.
Ran Fan
Whether you're a lady or gent you're sure to look super-sharp stepping out of this tucked-away fashion designer.

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