Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Pékin Fine Arts
Innovative work from across Asia.
A UNESCO World Heritage site truly worthy of its status.
Find out where this inspiring t-shirt label began.
Poly Theatre
Ballets orchestras and drama grace the boards of this enormous theatre.
Feminine fashions for those who er like to look feminine.
Bling is the thing here at Qeelin.
Qianxiangyi Silk Store
There's nothing finer than the feel of silk against your skin so make sure you get the best stuff here.
A gorgeous gift shop that sells pretty much everything; if you can't find a suitable present for those back home here you might as well go back empty-handed.
A little bit of vintage glamour and history in the heart of Beijing.
Ran Fan
Whether you're a lady or gent you're sure to look super-sharp stepping out of this tucked-away fashion designer.
Raw talent is what Raw is named after and with a slew of up-and-coming Chinese designers flogging their wares inside it certainly lives up to its name.
Red Capital Club
Revolutionary specialties in a vintage courtyard setting.
Red Capital Ranch
Embrace eco-chic at this charming ranch.
Red Capital Residence
After a careful restoration the Red Capital Residence is wonderfully decadent.
Red Gate Gallery
This long-standing gallery exhibits the work of established and celebrated artists.
Beijing's greasy spoon and sports bar combo..
Rosewood Beijing
From the serene Spa & Wellness area to the 283 elegant guestrooms, the Rosewood Beijing strives to create a veritable oasis of calm in the Chinese capital.
Rouge Baiser
And so to bed. Between fine thread-count sheets and beautifully embroidered cotton bedspreads made here of course.
Rui Fuxiang
You won't look like a banana in pajamas if you get your sleepwear for this iconic store.
Ruoshuitang Umbrella
There's nothing quite as elegant as a Chinese parasol so get the look by snapping one up here.
You don't have to travel further afield for authetnic pieces from Tibet and Qinghai; you have to travel here to Sattva.
Shanghai Tang
The sleek Shanghai Tang store is housed in the opulent Beijing Grand Hyatt and is the purveyor of contemporary Chinese fashion and accessories...
Shanghai Xu
Using a needle and a thread is something of an art form - an art form that these guys have got down to a tee.
Shard Box
While we wouldn't advise walking on broken glass a la Annie Lennox we do recommend popping down to Shard Box and snapping up some beautiful pieces made from er broken bits and pieces.
Take a trip down memory lane with a store brimming with toys from days gone by.
Shengxifu Hat Store
If you're a little breezy around the top then invest in a suitably stylish hat here.
Take to Beijing's streets in suitably stylish streetwear direct from the er Source.
South Beauty
Spicy Sichuan dishes with style and efficiency.
Spin Ceramics
Young designers are showcased at spin with their pottery on display for all and sundry to see.
Star Gallery
An emphasis on young collectible Chinese contemporary artists.
Sugar Jar
Chinese rock er rocks so brush up on your knowledge here.
Summer Palace
Spectacular grounds perfect for a morning stroll.
Two floors are better than one as they say (or is that heads?) and that's no more true than at Surface a two-floored emporium dedicated to unisex fashions.
Tang Contemp. Art
Representing some of China's most established artists Tang's artists tend to be highly conceptual.
Tang Hu Lu
Ever wondered what cotton from China's countryside feels like? Wonder no more as there's plenty of the stuff on offer here.
Tanghouse Gallery
Hard wood is the material of choice for a range of fabulous furniture here.
Temple of Heaven
After a recent restoration this historic temple is the hub of the winter solstice festival.
The Boat
Hip floating dance bar.
The China Club
David Tang's luxe renovation is the hangout for Beijing's elite
The CourtYard
Lip-smacking mélange of impeccable dishes and sumptuous wines.

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