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3 Guizhou Men
Guìzhourén classics in an arty setting.
3+1 Bedrooms
Incredibly stylish but tiny boutique hotel tucked down an alley way
3+1 Bedrooms, Beijing
3501 PLA Military Surplus Store
Live out all your military fantasies at the army's surplus store.
A drink at Modo bar, Beijing
A hedonist's heaven: good wine in stylish, sleek and dramatic surroundings, and with a mouthwatering menu to line the stomach. Modo bar is on to a winner.
A Girls’ Getaway in Beijing | Hg2 PICKS
Hit Alfa on a Friday to indulge in some cheesy 80s-inspired fun.
Alien Street Market
What are the chances of finding a Russian market in Beijing? Quite likely apparently; enter here.
All-Star Sports
Popular and comprehensive Sports Bar.
aloft Beijing
A fun and affordable option in the North of Beijing.
Aman Summer Palace
Aman Summer Palace
Superb imperial specialties in a historic and hugely atmospheric setting.
Amylin’s Pearls
If Amy Lin's Pearls is good enough for some of the world's most influential decision-makers then it's certainly good enough for you.
Anantara Spa
A sleek spa that lives up to its fame; rest relax and rejuvenate miles away from it all.
Aperitivo and chain-smoking at this euro-centric haunt.
Sophisticated cocktails and sublime finger food.
Arario Gallery
Exhibitons from acclaimed and emerging Asian artists.
Aria Boutique
Foreign designers are sold alongside the owner's own take on Chinese style. The result? Chic clothes indeed.
Arrow Factory
Unusual and intriguing contemporary exhibitions.
Arty farty types flock to this store in their design-y droves.
At Cafe
Cool little coffee shop with a friendly atmostphere.
At Home
Silk doesn't always equal style but thankfully it does at At Home.
Athena Xu
Selling everything you need to make that outfit really pop. Accessorise accordingly ladies.
Awfully Chocolate
Glamorous minamalism and lots and lots of chocolate.
Be Zure
Bed down in style with interior design Catherine Chen's fabulous fabrics.
Trendy tapas bar with lounging and dancing.
Innovative Asian fusion of Chinese Korean and Japanese cooking.
Beijing Concert Hall
Incredible acoustics have made this a celebrated venue for classical music.
Beijing Curio City
To some this four storey emporium may be a shrine to tat; to others it's buried treasure.
Beijing Cycle Tour
Two wheels are often better than four and when that's the case ring these guys for a cyciel tour of the city.
Beijing Friendship Store
Your one-stop kitsch shop.
Beijing Golf Club
Beijing Limo Service
Beijing Postcards
Take home a snapshop of Beijing by snapping up a reproduction here. Better than your shots we're sure.
Bento & Berries
Best Waldorf salad in Beijing.
Black Sesame Kitchen
Learn how to whip up a 10-course Chinese feast even if it does sound like hard work.
Hip-hop champagne and ostention are favorites at this glittering extravaganza.
Block 8
A rooftop beach bar is ideal for long summer evenings.

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