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Guido’s Bar

The motto here is ‘sit down and eat what you are given’. Guido Sosto is famous in this posh Palermo neighbourhood (next to the zoo) for stuffing his customers – who are not allowed to leave the table until they are on the point of explosion.
rnThere is no menu, so tell the waiter what you don’t eat and he’ll pack your table full of dishes containing everything else. When they are finished, he will bring more. When they’ve all gone, it’s time for the pasta, and there is lots of that too. If you behave yourself, Guido might let you off pudding, but you have to be on the floor for that to happen.
rnGuido charges 80 pesos a head, unless, seriously, you want to do the washing up. Every inch of the walls are covered in Maradona, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe pictures, with the odd plastic breast to boot, making it a more relaxed than stylish café. When you leave you’ll probably need to call Radio Taxi Premium (5238 0000), as you won’t be walking anywhere after this. If Guido’s is full, try Guido’s son’s place, Lucky Luciano, which is just around the corner on Cerviño.

Repœblica de la India 2843,
Palermo Chico
+54 11 4802 2391
Opening Times
noon-4pm, 8pm onwards. Closed Saturdays and Sundays.
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