Hg2 : The Hedonist

Cluver Forest Amphitheatre

Of all the theatres in Cape Town, this is possibly the one with the most magical scenery. The setting couldn’t be more tranquil and conducive to trulyrnappreciating performances by some of the country’s most interesting andrnrespected musicians, balladeers and rock bands. With absolutely zerornpretence and a freewheeling atmosphere, the venue brings audiences closernto the vibe and ethos of the Sixties rather than reviving thernclaustrophobia of an overcrowded club or packed-to-capacity stadium.rnSeating is in an outdoor amphitheatre in tiered, bean bag-cushioned rowsrnor at pre-booked tables – there’s an excellent view from just aboutrnanywhere and limited numbers (only 600 tickets are sold for eachrnperformance) mean that things are casual and ultra-friendly. It’s alsornquite a grown-up party, but we’re talking about grown-ups who know how tornparty! Everything happens under the cooling shade of pale-grey ghostrngums, a magical forest that’s been thinned out just enough to make wayrnfor the artists and audiences to gather in a sublime setting, surroundedrnby vineyards, orchards and breathtaking natural scenery – the sunrndescends slowly through the course of the show. Wines from thisrndistinguished Elgin estate are available for purchase and you canrnpre-order picnic hampers; arrive early to ensure you’re well-nourishedrnbefore the show kicks off. If you’re really smart, you’ll check into thernnearby Old Mac Daddy luxury trailer park for the night and make arnweekend of it.

De Ruse Estate, off N2 highway, Elgin/Grabouw,
+27 21 844 0605
Opening Times
select weekends December through March, 7pm-10pm
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