Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Engage in the social world of Middle Eastern art…
Dubai Community Theatre
Be it theatre or music, there's lots going on at this new complex.
Heritage House
A glimpse into the lives of the middle class before the rise.
Meem Gallery
An outstanding gallery renowned for Arabic calligraphy and for exhibiting the leading Arabic artists of today.
Ayyam Gallery
Arguably, the premier destination for Middle Eastern art…
Heritage & Diving Village
These live-at-work units provide a unique insight into Dubai's pearl manufacturing.
Majlis Gallery
On display in this pretty converted house are fine art collections and handcrafted pieces.
Mohammed Centre
This is a contemporary centre offering informed insight into today's culture of the UAE.
Green Art Gallery
This leading gallery with its lofty space has propelled many international and renewed artists into the limelight.
Dubai Museum
One of Dubai's most visited cultural centers offering an impressive array of exhibits.
Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde
A young fresh addition to the art scene featuring contemporary artists from across the Middle East.
The Third Line
This varied, innovative gallery endorses Middle Eastern art and culture.
Jumeira Mosque
Book onto a tour to experience Dubai's cherished and exquisite mosque.
Al Ahmadiya School
Once a school now this museum holds an enlightening collection on life before the oil boom.
The Archive
The Archive provides a relaxing retreat and creative design hub, based right in the heart of Safa Park. 

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