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Night + Market Song

If you’re not familiar with northern Thai street food, you might gravitate towards the pad Thai on offer at Night + Market Song. While that’s a delicious choice, served with sweet radish, lashings of chopped peanuts and chile powder, you should expand your gastro boundaries when you come for a meal here. To do anything else would be to miss the magic of chef and owner Kris Yenbamroong’s cooking.

So, instead, start your meal with a few plates of some Thai bar snacks; they’re salty, fried and seriously good. There’s the pork toro (grilled fatty pig’s neck with a spicy northeastern chile dip), the peek gai hey-hai (or chicken wings to you and me, served sweet and a little salty), and catfish tamales that are baked in banana leaves with chile and herbs. And if you’re a fan of calamari, just wait until you try the pla meuk tod gratiem; wild Thai baby octopus, served battered and fried, with garlic-chile oil and sriracha. Add a cold beer to that mix and you’re sure to start any night off right.

Happily, Night + Market Song now serves lunch throughout the week as well. At this time of day, it’s all about the Jaan Duan – or fast plates. So, you’ll find the pad Thai alongside fried chicken sandwiches (given a Night + Market Song twist with papaya slaw, ranch dressing and plenty of jalapenos and coriander), and “Boxing Chicken”, which is a BBQ dish made popular by vendors around Bangkok’s Ratchadamnoen stadium, served here with papaya salad and sticky rice.

But there are also curries, noodles, hot pots, soups and more. The menu at Night + Market Song, much like the decor, is colourful and bold and makes one happy just to encounter it. The dining room here body-checks you with bright hues when you walk in, both block colours and wild and whimsical prints. There are beaded curtains, and eye-catching art on the walls. So, all told, dining here is as fun as it is fabulous.

3322 Sunset Blvd,
Silver Lake,
CA 90026
+1 323 665 5899
Opening Times
daily, 12-3pm; 5-11pm. Closed Sundays and Saturday lunch.
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