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Shibumi is a restaurant that educates in the most delicious way. Aiming to show LA denizens that there’s more – much more – to Japanese cuisine than just sushi, Shibumi offers a menu replete with flavours, textures, and dishes that are sure to delight. There’s house-made silken tofu with crab, salmon caviar and fresh wasabi; Japanese Sea Bream sashimi with ginger bud and pickled plum irizake; and chilled Japanese aubergine with tomato, nori, okra and sansho. And those are just a few of the treats in store here.

Actually, the choice can be too demanding for some – there’s so much deliciousness on offer at Shibumi. How do you narrow down whether you want the Grilled California Holstein beef strip (so good the breed even gets a mention) with fresh wasabi and nara-zuke pickle or the “true” Kobe beef? And even if you choose the latter, do you get the 2 or the 4 ounce? We’d always get the larger, but you see where we’re coming from. In those situations, it might be best to go omakase (chef’s choice); it’s a surefire winner. You put yourself in the hands of stellar chef David Schlosser and he’ll pick for you. Problem solved. There’s no downside really. He’s trained under some of the best chefs, worked in the best restaurants (hello, L’Arpege), and acquired the kind of skills that would make newbie cooks flush. He’ll treat you right.

So, whatever you choose, just sit back. You made it, you’re here (a little foresight is required – remember to make a reservation), and you’ve got a parade of stunning dishes – often plated on handcrafted ceramics – coming your way. While the low-key exterior doesn’t give much away when you arrive, that’s just part of the appeal. It’s all about quality at Shibumi, from the ingredients used in every dish (many house-cured, fermented and crafted) to the provenance of the wood used in the eye-catching bar (400-year-old Cyprus found in New Orleans).

815 Hill Street,
CA 90014
+1 323 484 8915
Opening Times
daily, 6-10.30pm. Closed Mondays.
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