Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Vision Cocktail Hall
Minimalist and yet colourful, this bar is a vision.
Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie is an appropriate name for this cafe where the charm is understated, the atmosphere snug and the prices reasonable.
Simple Pleasures
Karoake and a martini? Or perhaps, a glass of a fine single malt whiskey by the fireplace? Indulge your simple, but fantastic, pleasures here.
Maki Cafe
Close enough to the shopping district to offer post-spree respite, Maki Café is a hidden gem. Excellent value for money and the perfect place to unwind with a little jazz.
Sunrise Cafe
The Sunrise Café is golden and stylish and intimate, everything you could want from a 24 hour DJ lounge, café and bar.
This place is cocktail-tastic. With award winning drinks, an unpretentious atmosphere and a general fun loving ethos amongst the staff and patrons, this is one bar you should definitely experience.
Whether you are in a group or in more specific company you will find a recess to fit your circumstances and frame of mind here in the diverse realms of Shanti.
Shatyor is a welcome and refreshing sanctuary which creates the illusion of being miles away from the buzz of the city, despite being right in the centre of Moscow.
Bosco Bar
Drinks and designer ice cream. What more could you want?
Red Bar
Chill out with a glass of something fabulous 27 floors above the Moscow city streets.
Bar Strelka
Riverside bar in the Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design attracts a hip, young crowd...
Ballantine’s Bar
If you're a little fed up of the stringent face-control exercised at many a Moscow establishment, head over to Ballantine's where doormen are a little more lenient and the dance-floor is the domain of a young, fun-loving crowd.
Milk & Honey
Colourful, decadent and open 24 hours a day, it's the perfect place to round off your night of luxury with a champagne breakfast.
Courvoisier Café
Whether daytime or evening, you will find yourself mingling with hip Muscovites in this brandy-themed venue.
Stereo Café
 By day Stereo Cafe is a chill lounge, by night the DJ is King.
Kalina Bar
Bar, karaoke, hookah lounge and sushi restaurant in one, with great views of Moscow from atop the Lotte Plaza. 
Lounge bar by day, Michelin-starred restaurant by evening, glamorous DJ venue by night. Luxury bars in Moscow don't get much more eclectic and hip than this. 

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