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Four different dining areas make up Adriatico - one of the best Italian restaurants in the city.
Aist (or 'stork') has a café and a restaurant spread across two devilishly stylish floors.
Barashka is one of several restaurants in this area but it is quite hidden. Don't be deterred, this Azeri cuisine eatery is incredibly good value and has a wonderful wine selection - it's worth finding.
Bed Cafe
The critical quandry after a day of sightseeing is whether to rest or rejuvenate. Bed undoubtedly is the best answer to both options.
Café Pushkin
A dining experience that has that fictional time travelling feel to it - Café Pushkin almost transports you into the pages of a Tolstoy novel.
Cantinetta Antinori
Elegant but informal, Antinori's Zürich outpost has oodles of Tuscan charm
Carré Blanc
This might not be kind on your wallet. But vacations are all about the experience right? Go on. You know you want to. It's an unparalleled gastronomic treat.
Central House of Writers
Following the hallowed trail of Russia's rich literary legacy? Seeking to soak up some linguistic inspiration? Or do you just wish to dine Russian style in a bond fide Russian architectural treasure? This is the place.
It would be snobbery to dismiss Expeditsya as a tourist-trap gimmick when the locals have so fully embraced the venue. Allow your imagination free rein as you forge your way through a smorgasboard of hunter's delights.
Muscovite snobbery is alive and well here so put on your best face. It's all about image so you'll need to sparkle. But the food and company will make the effort well worth while.
A beer restaurant housed in the former Soviet Foreign Ministry with rooms that are themed accordingly. Intrigued?
Young, casual fashion for that all-American look.
Don't be put off by the plain dimly lit interior: Goodman's offers the best burgers and steaks in town.
With Tchaikovsky Concert Hall just down the road, Gorki is the perfect place for pre- and/or post-performance meals. And if you don't know what on earth 'soviet-chic grandeur' is, this is the time to find out. You can even order a 'surprise'.
Combining the perfect amounts of relaxed atmospheric splendour and even better Russian cuisine.
Kavkazskaya Plennitsa
Kavkazskaya Plennitsa serves the best Georgian food this side of the Caucus and uses local produce. All this to a soundtrack of Soviet classics makes for a memorable evening at this themed restaurant.
La Marée
This restaurant works very hard to bring the best of the sea to Moscow and succeeds with flair. You can choose your fish, decide how you'd like it cooked and then even pick an accompanying sauce. Look out for Kamchatka crab.
Les Menus
French cuisine meets Russian ingredients at the hands of three-Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire at this Moscow luxe restaurant inside the Lotte Hotel. 
Los Bandidos
You might find yourself feeling a little geographically confused or linguistically baffled by the end of your meal at Los Bandidos but it's definitely worth it.
Macho Grill
Carnival style, South American inspired restaurant prepared to get your taste buds dancing
Should you fancy a curry in Moscow, this is the place.
Na Melnitse
A rustic Russian dining experince.
Nedalny Vostok
Pan-Asian restaurant bringing the Orient one step closer to Moscow.
Haute cuisine, velvet drapes, cigars - this is a wonderfully rich, extravagant place to dine.
Noyev Kovcheg
Colourful stained-glass screens and mosaic floors create a pleasant impression of warmth hospitality and comfort at this Armenian restaurant.
A three-storey mansion turned into a restaurant, Oblomov is abundant in choice, variety and adventure, from the hookah pipes in the attic to the assorted Russian memorabilia on the floors below.
If you're in this part of town, chances are you've fallen victim to the irresistible charms of Stoleshnikov Pereulok's shops. If you've just blown your budget then haul your loot to French bistro Paname which will be much kinder on your pocket.
Delicious Italian and Adriatic cuisine can be found at Papermoon.
A trendy fusion restaurant in the upmarket restaurant district of Patriarch's Ponds.
Authentic Italian flavours and a classy atmosphere to match.
A far cry from the gilded opulence you might find in many of Moscow's restaurants, Scandinavia is simple and stylish.
Seven Fridays
Designed to be a restful haven, Seven Fridays offers six 'bedrooms' for dining.
Be transported to a far-off land of falafel, hummus and pitta bread at this beautifully decorated Lebanese restaurant.
Head to Shatush for an avante-garde Oriental experience.
Shinok tries to capture the essence of rustic life - complete with a babushka, farmyard and staff in traditional Ukranian costumes.
Classic seafood restaurant that has remained popular for the best of twenty years.

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