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When you step into Brooklyn’s beloved Grimaldi’s, you’d best order a pie and only a pie. If you don’t, you’ll be pegged for the hayseed you are: they don’t sell by the slice here (and they don’t take credit cards, either, so leave home without it). Although, there are worse things than being a newbie to Grimaldi’s like never experiencing their only-in-New-York pizza, which would just be a sad state of affairs. Chef Brad Farmerie says it’s “one of the city’s best pizza places, and with a view of Manhattan.” Take his word for it: the round, blistering-crusted, fresh-basil draped orbs of Brooklyn pie pride inspire lines of eager, hungry pizza lovers to stand and wait by the hour in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge for a red-checker cloth covered table at which to indulge. But this coal-oven baked pie, with fresh mozzarella, a drizzling olive oil, and a demure ladling of sauce is the real deal, and well worth the holdup.

1 Front Street (Under Brooklyn Bridge),
+1 718 858 4300
Opening Times
daily, 11.30am (noon Sat)-10.45pm (11.45pm Fri/Sat)
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