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San Francisco

Yoshi's unique restaurant offers Japanese cuisine with a side of jazz.
Slick after-work boozer with plenty of banquette seating and dim lights for doing dirty deeds with coworkers.
Dress up to the nines to boogie to big names.
The antithesis to the Castro's cheesier bump-and-grind nightclubs, Truck lures a chill out gay crowd with strong drinks, decent bar snacks, a pool table, and pretty boys.
Top of the Mark
Chic drinks at the top of the Intercontinental.
The Independent
The place to find the cool bands before they get cool.
The EndUp
A late club that truly lives up to its name. The party, including an occasional scene-loving celebrity contingent, always ends up at the EndUp.
Dissociative personalities appreciate the moody venue options-from a futuristic lounge to darker catacombs" with eastern motifs. For night
Thirty-somethings crowd in to this neighbourhood live music club for great gigs.
supperclub San Francisco
Techno-chic eat-clubbing comes to San Francisco.
The local party crowd loves to make a dramatic entrance. What slicker way to hit the dance floor than via a 15-foot serpentine slide?
Skylark invites you to let your hair down, pick up a total stranger and have the mother of all hangovers the next day.
SF Badlands
Slather on the tanning lotion, bust out your best muscle T, and head for SF Badlands, the baddest gay video dance club in town.
Ruby Skye
Ruby Skye is San Francisco's most opulent dance club, the sort of place where sophisticated light shows, a mega sound system, trapeze artists, and go-go dancers on platforms are all part of the standard fare.
Sleek uber-hip bar with a delicious garden.
Redwood Room
Classic red velvet hotel lounge with a Philippe Starck makeover. 
Punchline Comedy Club
Historic comedy club that has seen the likes of Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and Chris Rock grace its stage.
In a glamorous white-and-gold lounge, a stylish set nestles into banquettes to sip signature cocktails amid the throbbing beats of whatever DJ happens to be spinning that evening.
Located in the heart of the Haight, Milk covers the DJ experience from a different perspective, specialising in dance-ready hip-hop, soul and funk, as opposed to the more Euro-centric spin that's dished up at places like Pink and Sublounge.
For those who remember the punk era, Mighty evokes the edgy glory days of underground dance clubs on an epic scale.
Gritty, ultra-urban Mezzanine is a 12,000-square-foot slice of the promised land for the serious, no-bridge-and-tunnel-folk-allowed dance crowd, boasting one of the best sound systems in the city and attracting A-list DJs spinning underground h
A bit of a meet-market, here's one singles bar that does not harken to its roots as a rock club.
Neighbourhood piano bar where a cast of colourful locals take the stage.
Madrone Lounge
Styled as an art bar, Madrone draws a casual crowd who come to chill on its mismatched couches and listen to DJ sets.
Lexington Club
Butch and femme out of central casting mingle and drink in this low-key neighbourhood bar where 20-something lesbians come to meet each other and play pool.
This pre-lounge bar is all about drink and schmooze and groove-in-one-place.
Icon Ultra Lounge
Swanky but tiny remodelled lounge where VIP reservations are a must.
Harry Denton’s Starlight Room
Don your best, grab a signature Cable Car cocktail and dance for romance all night in the Starlight Room.
The femme fatale of the SoMa lounge circuit.
Great American Music Hall
One of the most ornate live music venues in San Fran.
Fluid Ultra Lounge
From the austere exterior - the name is featured only in the artful arrangement of the door handles - to the minimalist, high-tech interior, Fluid Ultra Lounge offers a chic, futuristic spot to drink, dance and mingle.
Fillmore Auditorium
Who's in the crowd depends on the act, but this red velvet-clad venue is always a classic.
Part nightclub, part boudoir, and part retro Chinese love den.
Elbo Room
Whether you want Acid Jazz, Afrofunk or Indie Rock, Elbo Room delivers every day of the week.
El Rio
Cheap and cheerful music club, El Rio peddles everything from salsa dancing to DJs. Popular with the twenty-something set.
Dogpatch Saloon
Live jazz almost every night at this Portrero Hill dive.
DNA Lounge
Dance-all-night geek-chic club brought to you by a dot-com tycoon.
Club Six
Slightly raggedy, but anything goes at this hip-hop and world music club.
Café du Nord
Genuine Prohibition era speakeasy with mahogany bar and live swing bands.
Bourbon & Branch
You can't get in here without a password.

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