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Akki Sushi
In humble surroundings, Akki Sushi manages to create an atmosphere of real excitement based on the food alone: light and fluffy tempura, delicate sashimi, and many other sushi dishes that will continue to lure you back.
A hidden gem offering a relaxed atmosphere and excellent Swedish food. A very popular business lunch spot during the week, it's also also one of the best places to get a late-evening meal.
Bistro Ruby
The problem with Gamla Stan is the fact it's Stockholm's tourist central. The pretty cobbled streets and quaint architecture draw those in search of 'ye olde Stockholm' and because of that the restaurants are often over-priced and poor in food. Bistr
It's not going to win any points in the style awards, but Bonan does serve good food and is ideally located for a quick break on your way through this part of the city.
You may not generally associate bowling with disco but the Swedes have created a bizarre amalgamation of them and it's worth a try just for the novelty...
Bukowskis auction house
Going once going twice... don't miss out on the sensational items and exciting atmosphere of this elite auction house. Sold to the highest bidder!
Cafe Albert
Busy, lively and located on Birger Jarlsgatan, so it's handy for a post-shopping lunch or a pre-night out rendezvous with friends.
Café Rival
The Swedish are renowned for their pastries and the Rival has got it down to a tea...a comfortable, laid back feel, with delicious food and cakes, the Rival will easily become a favourite hang out...
Den Gamle och Havet
This family-run restaurant is deservedly popular thanks to welcoming service and excellent food. It's almost always busy so be sure to phone ahead. For those nights when you are really hungry it's perfect.
The tranquility of Djurgarden will soothe the most turbulent of souls and transport you a million miles from any concerns you may be trying to escape with your vacation...
A core part of the East Asian culture is based on simplicity and the hard chairs and floor seating provide the pure and proper way to eat the typical food.
Eriks Bakficka
Maintaining true Swedish roots amongst the flourishing trends of the area, the traditional home-cooking is even more thrilling in the knowledge that it's a local well kept secret.
Real time-warp of a traditional seaside hotel from the early twentieth century with impeccable standards. Expect fine linen, the sound of sea gulls, classic breakfast spreads and homely teas after a blustery walk by the water.
First Amaranten
The Amaranten's decently priced rooms and hip lobby bar-restaurant make it a popular choice for anyone who wants an affordable hotel with a bit more personality. It's location close to lots of bars and restaurants reinforces its status as the best pl
Fjäderholmarnas Krog
Fjäderholmarnas Krog has intrigued us at Hg2 for months, as it was completely off the radar in terms of communication, due to stormy weather and frozen waters. The unattainable is always desirable. Check that it's open before going and then head
Footy madness is a global disease and Stockholm has a severe dose making it a great place to see big games with fervent and faithful crowds for you to go wild with.
Fyra Knop
With its extremely honest décor and food, this creperie doesn't aim too high in what it offers, that being very good in itself. Easy to get to, there's no good reason to miss this out despite its lack of grandeur.
One of two first-class seafood restaurants in the great redbrick indoor market in Östermalm. It's always a pleasure to browse the market, and eating here is equally enjoyable. Needless to say, with its location in the marketplace the fish is inc
Gooh! serves good food fast. The dishes were created by the chef at Operakällaren one of the finest restaurants in town but prices are amazingly low and most dishes are incredibly good. Eat in or take away.
Grill Ruby
Gamla Stan has no shortage of tourist trap restaurants. Thankfully, this isn't one of them. The food is quite international, and so are the patrons, but many Stockholmers come here too.
Haga Forum
If you were to take the bus to Arlanda airport, you'll stop briefly at Haga Forum, which was formerly owned by SAS. The typically Scandinavian building is on the edge of Haga Park, so you can easily go for a pre- or post-meal stroll. The restaurant i
Hallwylska Museet
Stepping into the Hallwylska Museum seems strangely natural; this is a city that easily slips back in time to another era.
Halv Grek Plus Turk
Sometimes when you're in the far north of Europe you need some food from the southern edge of the continent. This is the place to come when you prefer some stuffed vine leaves rather than meatballs. It's a cheering, cheerful spot, that's particularly
Ice Hockey
Winter's answer to football ice hockey can be a thrilling alternative for adrenaline junkies. But beware only those willing to break bones should enter the rink.
Koh Phangan
Considering how many Swedes regularly travel to Thailand on holiday, it's surprising that there aren't more good Thai restaurants on the city. This one is famous for its exuberant interior decoration. There's no Swedish minimalism here, just lots of
Lady Hamilton
A perfect location for people who prefer their experience of Scandinavia to be a little more old-fashioned. This Gamla Stan hotel is packed with antiques and even has antique shops for neighbours. Definitely not for fans of minimalism.
Langholmen Hotel
The hotel makes no attempt to hides its past as a prison. In fact, it plays it up. The former exercise yard is now a cafe. Although it is a littlle removed from the centre, it's easy to catch a bus to the heart town.
Lasse I Parken
There's a certain fairytale quality to this place, thanks to its outdoor seating and quaint little old building in which you can buy traditional Swedish cakes. In short, it's cute, which will either appeal to you or not.
Lisa Elmqvist
Saluhall in Östermalm is a redbrick 19th century covered market that sells some of the best produce in Stockholm. It's also home to this Lisa Elmqvist, a family-run business that serves incredibly fresh traditional seafood. An excellent lunch sp
Lo Scudetto
A reliable, understated restaurant that may not be the most fashionable place in the city, but does what it does extremely well.
Lord Nelson Hotel
A sibling to the Lady Hamilton and the Victory, this hotel is, like them, small, comfortable, charming, antique-filled and in the heart of Gamla Stan. This is the smallest and most affordable of the trio.
Marie Laveau
The size of Marie Laveau means that it always gathers a proper crowd, creating a sense of buzz and excitement. Even the laid-back, cool Stockholmers, when gathered in full force can suddenly appear hugely bubbly.
Martins Gröna
Although small and humble in design and concept Martins Gröna continues to impress and draw you back for another helping of their delicious hearty fare...
Mellqvist Café
Mellqvist has an excellent array of tasty Italian olives, artichokes, salamis, and some of the best coffee in Stockholm. If you live around Norrmalm it's easy to see how this place would easily become a staple for day to day snacking...
Miss Clara
Miss Clara by Nobis is a centrally-located boutique hotel in Stockholm with serious design credentials and a wonderful on-site brasserie and cocktail bar.
Moderna Museet
Located about as centrally as Stockholm gets, on the island of Skeppsholmen, the Museum of Modern Art can be accessed by all the traditional transport methods. Other nearby mainland attractions to add to your cultural Day Out include the Vasamuseet a

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