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Situated in one of Stockholm's hippest hotels, 2.35:1 is a weekend melee of beauty, alcohol and commercial house music. Downstairs is the minimal and achingly cool LE, supposedly members-only, and in the next room is the terribly sophisticated and ci
A high-end club found within the luxe Sturecompagniet in Stockholm, 309 is all about RnB, with some playful 80s tracks and mash-ups for good measure.
7 Knop
Söder is full of small cafes with character, plus any number of soulless ones. 7 Knopp is perenially popular and handily located near to Nytorget, which is surrounded by some of the best places to find affordable good food in Södermalm.
Absolut Ice Bar
The Absolut Ice Bar serves vodka in glasses made of ice to patrons in big warm winter coats. Only a limited number of people can enter, so phone ahead to make sure you can get in. It's a gimmick, of course, but an extremely popular one.
Akki Sushi
In humble surroundings, Akki Sushi manages to create an atmosphere of real excitement based on the food alone: light and fluffy tempura, delicate sashimi, and many other sushi dishes that will continue to lure you back.
Allmanna Galleriet 925
With the minimalist white walls and bare floors as a backdrop the fashion-conscious Stockholm crowd that comes here in the evenings is a sight to be watched from the inviting sofas.
Allmänna Galleriet 925
The spacious venue means that there is always a lot going on in this bar, while its round-about, slightly hidden location means that it only pulls in the more selective crowds, who come to see exhibitions, listen to live music, or have a little somet
A hidden gem offering a relaxed atmosphere and excellent Swedish food. A very popular business lunch spot during the week, it's also also one of the best places to get a late-evening meal.
With its great church steeples reaching high into the sky Stockholm has a fascinating skyline and there is no better place to appreciate it than from a bird's eye view.
One of the most stylish hotels in town. Rooms tend towards Scandinavian minimalism but the restaurant, in a converted baroque ballroom, is fabulously opulent. Perfect for people who want to party until late and then just head upstairs to bed.
Birger Jarl
The hotel is surrounded by offices and primarily attracts a business crowd. By letting designers go wild in some of the rooms, they've added colour, both literally and metaphorically, to what could so easily have been a drab hotel.
Bistro 38
Bistro 38, found within the 2,000 square metre concept restaurant Usine, serves modern French cuisine in a light and airy converted industrial space.
Bistro Berns
The charm of the historical setting doesn't outclass the excellence of the food. There's a sense of the theatrical about the place: everyone is well-dressed as befits one of the most impressive dining rooms in Stockholm. Don't miss a drink in the coc
Bistro Jarl
Some come for food, others come for a bottle of champagne. But the crowd is always entertaining here. It may not be as popular as nearby Riche, but the crowd is much the same: affluent 30somethings who often start their evenings straight from the off
Bistro Ruby
The problem with Gamla Stan is the fact it's Stockholm's tourist central. The pretty cobbled streets and quaint architecture draw those in search of 'ye olde Stockholm' and because of that the restaurants are often over-priced and poor in food. Bistr
It's not going to win any points in the style awards, but Bonan does serve good food and is ideally located for a quick break on your way through this part of the city.
You may not generally associate bowling with disco but the Swedes have created a bizarre amalgamation of them and it's worth a try just for the novelty...
Brass Bar
The Brass Bar, part of the Café Opera nightclub in Stockholm, conjures up the decadent, swinging vibe of clubs from the 60s and 70s.
Brasserie Godot
The patrons at Brasserie Godot tend to be a young professional crowd who appreciate the well-made drinks and French menu. When you want to avoid the very young Östermalm crowd, this is a good place to head.
Broken Stockholm
Broken Stockholm, part of the Stureplansgruppen stable, is a sleek Nordic twist on the quintessential diner, serving burgers and ribs in its quirky space.
Bukowskis auction house
Going once going twice... don't miss out on the sensational items and exciting atmosphere of this elite auction house. Sold to the highest bidder!
Cadier Bar
The Cadier Bar is unlikely to ever become your local, decked out as it is with plush velvet and ornate chandeliers, however, it's exactly what you want for a treat. Combine this with an incredibly friendly staff and crowd and...hang about, maybe we w
Cafe 60
Friendly locals cafe with an astounding array of baked goods makes for a peaceful retreat.
Cafe Albert
Busy, lively and located on Birger Jarlsgatan, so it's handy for a post-shopping lunch or a pre-night out rendezvous with friends.
Cafe Opera
Stockholm's terribly imposing Opera House, as many opera houses tend to be, sits majestically across from the Royal Palace. The oh so opulent interior is fit for a king, and indeed this is the haunt du jour for the younger members of the Royal family
Café Rival
The Swedish are renowned for their pastries and the Rival has got it down to a tea...a comfortable, laid back feel, with delicious food and cakes, the Rival will easily become a favourite hang out...
Casino Cosmopol
At night, this area buzzes with frenetic activity and the streets are lit with the neon light emanating from cinemas and bars. Principally a fabulous shopping district, Norrmalm lack the exclusivity of Ostermalm, however still provides decent bars a
Teas are stored in a shiny wooden urns, on row upon row of shelves that threaten to overwhelm....
The best truffles in town can be obtained on these premises. Hand-engineered and made with all those years of highly evolved artisanal Scandinavian chocolate experience...
Chokladkoppen & Kaffekoppen
Chokladkoppen and Kaffekoppen have become little Stockholm institutions, serving those staples of coffee and hot chocolate that keep everyone going through the bleak mid-winter.
Clarion Hotel
One of the biggest hotels in town, the Clarion avoids being just large and businessy with some innovative design. The trendy lobby and very pleasant rooms compensate for its out-of-the-way location...
Clarion Sign
Clarion Sign, rather like its elder sister hotel, Clarion, makes the cut on the back of its style credentials, dominated by airy, light-filled interiors and voluptuous pieces of modern furniture in bright colours.
Corner Club
The project of Heather Yau, Madeleine Rapp, and Per Thorngren, three of Stockholm's top bartenders, Corner Club aims to attract cocktail lovers as well as those who are new to mixology.
Curman Lounge
Found within the sumptuous Sturebadet, the spa in the Sturegallerian, the Curman Lounge offers healthy snacks and meals throughout the day.
Debaser has a laid-back, yet musically knowledgeable crowd and line-up. The place of the moment for established acts and up and coming future stars...
Den Gamle och Havet
This family-run restaurant is deservedly popular thanks to welcoming service and excellent food. It's almost always busy so be sure to phone ahead. For those nights when you are really hungry it's perfect.
Den Gyldene Freden
This is one of the most historic restaurants in town, known for its beautiful, ancient interiors and fine food. If you don't fancy a full meal here, there's a tiny little bar at which you can have a glass of wine and soak up the 18th century atmosphe
Department Stores
With a number of large department stores on offer, Stockholm caters to all tastes and budgets. Have a rummage, and come home weighed down by gorgeous goodies.
Located on the most expensive stretch of real estate in Stockholm, the Diplomat a successful blend of classic Swedish architecture and a more fashionable interior. Very popular for weekend brunch or afternoon tea.

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