Hg2 : The Hedonist

Narva Kohvik

If you are looking for a taste of authentic Eastern-bloc charm or some real faded, post-war elegance, you will have to walk five or ten minutes out of the Old Town and into the real, bustling world that is central Tallinn to find this spot, situated on busy, commercial Narva mnt.
rnUnmistakable, with its large, smoky windows and pink velour curtains, this old Soviet favourite is still crowded with local office workers, shoppers, and the odd trendy retro fan. Sit in dark wooden booths and drink a no-nonsense coffee or a stiff brandy – or try one of the largest selections of cakes and cookies in Tallinn from the home bakery – 29 types at last count, including the mysterious ‘papaverous roll’.
rnThere’s no knowing in advance what a Sot_nik cake or a ‘Sand Bar’ will look like, so you just have to be adventurous. Small meals and salads are also available, and everything at reasonable, working-people prices. Don’t expect fancy coffees or big smiles from the staff – American café culture has yet to penetrate Narva café. For the time being this is a national treasure undiscovered by the tourist trade. Just pray they don’t decide to ‘renovate’.

Narva mnt.10.,
+372 660 1786
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