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Abulafia Desserts

Few venues have become as synonymous with late night snacking as Abulafia, who first saw light of day (or rather, late night) as a tabun, or bakery. Traditional Jewish dietary restrictions separates dairy from meat products, and while adherence to these kashrut laws is no longer ubiquitous, Abulafia had become a staple for those seeking chalavi, or milk based delicacies. Since its inception in Southern Tel Aviv, Abulafia had expanded into a local street-food empire, with several branches whose ovens fire around the clock. Most recently, Abulafia expanded to meat-based snacks, such as the ever popular Shwarma and Kebabs. In their most recent evolution, Abulafia entered the traditional deserts field with its newest store-front along Yefet street in Yaffo.

Traditional Middle Eastern desserts often consist of honey, nuts, flakey dough and sweet cheeses. Coupled with a steaming glass of undeniably strong Turkish coffee or sweet mint tea, a desert session in Abulafia deserts packs an energetic punch that can tip the balance of your afternoon from yet another worn-out siesta to another few hours of exploring the unparallel intricacies of ancient Yaffo.

As a personal recommendation, check into this gastronomic oasis late in the afternoon, avoiding the post-lunch touristic rush. Safe under the cool stone arches of the property, order a helping of knafeh, the crown jewel of local desserts. Make the sure the pastry is slightly heated up, and avoid the sugary syrup, as does no justice to the already sweet cheese that makes the makes of this delectable treat. If you can bear the caffeinated surge of the local coffee, ask for a glass with cardumon, which provides for a spicy compliment to the Knafeh- your taste-buds will thank you.

7 Yefet Sreet,
Ancient Jaffa
+972 3-683-4958
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