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Misadat Achim

Skewered grilled meats, or Shish Kebabs, have long been a staple of Israel’s gastronomic world, yet they’re traditionally neglected as taboo amid the domain of fine dining. Restaurants specialising in the dish were to be sought in the city outskirts, or by highway intersections. Recently, however, the trend to embrace local flavours has overwhelmed past escapist desires of foreign kitchens and exotic ingredients. Misadat Achim, translated loosely to Brothers’ Restaurant, is the latest evolution in this blend of the local with higher-end dining. Launched by brother Yotam and Asaf Doctor in 2010, Achim is a 21st century spin on the traditional grilled meat restaurant. Like any establishment of the genre, there will be that seemingly endless array of small appetizer and salad plates crowding your table. Enjoy the chaflah, or feast, while trying one of their unique Arak (anise liquor) drinks – distilled by the owners’ relatives. rnTry the Mallard skewer with a pitcher of Arak and Bitter Lemon while sitting out in the patio.

Ibn Gvirol 12,
Mahane Rabin
+972 3 691 7171
Opening Times
daily, noon-last customer
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