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Nachalat Binyamin

Held every Tuesday and Friday in the cobble-stoned pedestrian portion of Nachalat Binyamin Street, the artisanal market has long held its place as one of the country’s popular street fairs. The artists themselves sell all homemade jewellery, decorative art, glassware and more. Street performers, including the well-known singer by the name of Miri Aloni, often perform for the passing crowd as they move between the stalls and cross over to the nearby Carmel Market.

While the artisanal fair is worth a visit by its own merit, the pedestrian portion Nachalat Binyamin Street is an architectural and historic gem that should not be missed. With its initial construction dated to 1909, the street features some of the more grandiose examples of the eclectic style, a style of architecture adopted by the Tel Aviv’s founding generation. Influenced by their former homes in Europe, as well as the local landscape, the original residents of Nachalat Binyamin designed villas bearing a jarring clash of forms. Neo-classical pillars would hold up Ottoman influenced domes, while gothic arches graced the interior. Some of the original buildings still stand, many converted to apartment buildings and commercial space. For an ideal Friday, arrive at the market in time to explore the different stalls, and after waiting out the crowds at one of the local cafes, enjoy a scenic walk down the street, taking in the former grandeur of these ‘dream villas’.

Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian Walk,
+972 3 516 2037
Opening Times
10am-5pm Tuesdays and Fridays
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