Hg2 : The Hedonist

A Hedonist’s guide to…


Ice Ouca
Traditional flavours of Japanese sweets in a rainbow-selection of ice cream.
Tokyo National Museum
The museum is located in the vast Uneo Park, perfect for a walk and a bit of post-exhibition reflection.
Kissa Ginza
Granny-chic, Tokyo style; in Kissa Ginza, the only things on the younger side of 40 are the late-night clientele.
Uniqlo UT T-Shirt
A bargain hunter's idea of shopping.
This tearoom is modern luxurious memorable.
The hoards of locals queueing outside know that the 'tonkatsu' is worth waiting for.
Escape to the coast and spend the day exploring the charming Kamakura.
NADiff a/p/a/r/t
The coolest gallery spaces are always the hardest to find. NADiff is worth the search.
Tora no Ana
Manga and anime sold at this five-storey emporium.
Quirky children's clothes and kitsch toys for your little one.
A small glimpse of the real Tokyo, far from the skyscrapers and sslarymen; try the delicious grilled meats and wash it all down with hearty draft beer.
Museum of Photography
You can discover work by a range of photographers in a gallery that hosts some of the country's best photography exhibitions.
Washi paper and incense sold here.
Hassle-free shopping at this minimalist inspired creation.
Capsule Hotel Asakusa Riverside
A night at the Capsule Hotel will be a tight, but memorable, experience.
Tokyo Dome
a.m.a store
A must-visit kitsch boutique for all things retro and Japanese.
Oriental Bazaar
Cheap and cheerful souvenirs.
A family-run experience, feast on 'okonmiyaki' in a traditional setting...
Mingeikan Folk Crafts Museum
Go back to the origins of modern design at this museum dedicated to the Japanese folk craft movement.
Sensoji Temple
An atmospheric glimpse of really, really old Tokyo...
Ryokan Andon
A sleek industrial take on the traditional 'ryokan' inn.
Center for Cosmic Wonder
We can't predict what you'll find at this concept-space but it's definitely worth checking out.
An old-school Western style drinking den.
Tokyo Wonder Site
An edgy art space that spills over into this modern cafe
This shop is full of all things strange and wonderful.
You can cook your own dinner at the cosy Sakuratei and share a glass of 'nama birru' with hippest young locals.
SCAI the Bathhouse
Escape to this former bathhouse, now home to high-profile art exhibitions
Join the trend and purchase some funky tights.
Hashi Choh
Funky chopstick designs.
Muji Yurakucho
Cycling is a great way to explore the city, and Tokyo, you cycle with style.
21_21 Design Sight
Both design greats and newly emerging talents are on show here.
Nakameguro Lounge
This kitsch café is famous for its 'sesame goma latte'.
A street devoted to selling all things kitchen related.

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